Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hot Guys on TV


If you have been watching Yankees games on YES this season I am sure you have seen this hottie on your screen. It's a Bank of America commercial where this hot piece is painting some POS car with pinstripes and a Yankees symbol. His girlfriend comes out ad screams "AHHHHH! I love it!

Bank of America is the official bank of the Yankees and I got to say I love the guy in the commercial. Uber crush on him.

BoA or the Yankees... please send him my way. I also love the fact that the house number behind him is "420" Thanks prop guys for that.

There is also a commercial for ESPN360.com running on ESPN and other networks. The guy on the commercial reminds me of a guy I see at work all the time. He's the blonde.

If anyone knows these guys, please hook JP up!


  1. The Billy Mays commercial is clever. Cute guys too!

  2. http://glossx.blogspot.com/?zx=64d71bac0c5e494e
    some Brazilian girl has persuaded these hot actors models footballers to strip off on web cam ...

  3. Without sounding too faggy, the blond is just dreamy. Wish I could hook you up bro.

  4. Of course even if you did meet him, he'd have to be gay. There's always a chance...

    He's damn hot, I have to agree.