Friday, March 6, 2009

Can't Kick It

I have had a cold that I just can't kick. I don't get it. One hour I will feel like complete death.. the next I am ok with just a small sniffle.

It's so strange.

My life has been a routine as of late. It's been hard to break.

1:00pm - Wake up.
1:15p- roll out of bed.
1:17p-5p - Waste time on facebook, e-mail, looking at pictures.
5p- shower
5:30p- leave for work
6p-3a - work
3:30am- get home
5am- fall sleep


Now, on this routine the last week I have been sleeping in late and not doing much before I leave for work.

Being sick sucks. But that's ok. I think I can kick it with lots of fluids (mind out of the gutter)

Yesterday I started to read a book I haven't read since I lived in NY. It's about the TV biz and it's got me back in a zone where I know I need to do something for myself to get back into what I love: Making Television.

I have looked back over my past ideas and I know that I can put something together that will catch someones eyes.

Either way, I am feeling good with where things are going... my dating life... not so much.


  1. Hope you feel better. Maybe it's allergies??? I have those and it feels like a cold and hard to tell the difference sometimes, except they don't go away like a cold.