Monday, February 23, 2009

Fraternity Life

I recently had a guy who is in a fraternity down south get in touch with me. I am a reader of Closet frat Boy and really relate to a lot of his stories.

I have always been involved with my fraternity and now that I am the Alumni Association President I talk with my chapters President almost daily. He also happens to be in my family tree.

For those who don't know the Greek system... when you are pledging you are given a Big Brother who is supposed to help you out and be someone that you can go to and talk to about anything and everything. My Big's name was Tom and was Chapter President at the time.

It's a cool thing. I talk to 80% of the guys in my tree that have been initiated since 1999. It's really cool. My current roommate is my Little brothers, Little brother.

Now, I have been out of college now almost 5 years. That just sounds crazy to me. Since I am now back involved with the chapter as a leader I try not to hang out at frat parties. Yes, there are tons of hot college guys there and the one I have been to this year was a blast... I am older and try to keep my distance with that.

Anyway... Recently I was invited into a group of gay guys from my fraternity who are around the world. One of them has a small crush on me. He IMs me every night. Gave me his cell number to text. He's very friendly and wants me to come down to see him this summer.

We got on the subject of hot guys and he sends me these...

 A guy who in a chapter of my fraternity who posed for Sean Cody. (NSFW) I have had friends do porn but it's something like this that is hott.

Enjoy some hot guys as you wake up... or head to sleep... wherever you may be.

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