Monday, February 16, 2009

Not According to Plan

Life throws curve balls... all the time.

I had a few flung at me on Saturday. It started early Saturday morning as I was leaving work at 3:30am. I got home. Finished some of my grad school work in Photoshop that I had to do and went to bed at 5:30 and woke up at 9am for class.

I know, I know... who takes a 9:30am class on a Saturday... I really wanted to get it out of the way.

Class was fine. There is this older man in my class who, at first wouldn't shut up about Dick Tracy and how the design of the villains are the greatest in all of the world of comics. He also said that the Drudge Report had amazing design and was the top journalism site on the web. A girl in my class who I know very well restrained me.

After class my buddy Chris took me out to lunch. His wife is back in Michigan because of a death in the family. We had an awesome lunch and ended back at his apartment where I said I would play him in one round of NHL 09. Before I did that I texted some of the guys I was going to be meeting up with in NY.

I ended up falling asleep after our first game, woke up at 6pm and had not heard back from anyone yet. I had to make a decision. A buddy from grad school texted me asking if I was going to the Hockey game tonight because he had Alumni club passes where it was all you could drink and eat. I got dressed headed to the game, thinking that if I heard from anyone I could leave the game, catch a train and be in the city by 1045/11pm.

No one texted me back. It was getting close to 9pm and I had to make another choice. Since I had not heard back from anyone in NY i decided to stay in CT.

It kinda got me bummed out because I wanted to go to NY but didn't want to be THAT GUY at the bar by myself. Granted I could probably make friends with some random group of guys but wasn't feeling up to it.

After the game I decided to go out to a bar with some friends who ended up paying the tab. They had asked me why I didn't have a date on Valentines day and it got a little emotional with questions and my friend's wife wanting to make me a screen name.

That got me on a tirade about the last time I was on Match. Anyway... it wasn't too bad of a night. Realizing how UNFUN I have been lately. I do have my time at the gym to help me out.


  1. Next Saturday will be better. I am sure of it!

    ...anyone else excited for Mardi Gras?

  2. You know, I do the same thing...especially when someone says to contact them and then you don't hear from them at all or the plans fall through last minute and leaves you with fucking SUCKS! But once it happens enough, you learn how to deal with it or do things on your own, albeit, not as fun or exciting, but hey at least we don't leave our own self wondering, right?! Take care for now JP!


  3. ugh! I've been that guy by himself a few times... blech! if only i had your charm to meet up the dudes! ha. keep it up jp.