Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Inspiration

I had a moment last week where my buddy Andy was bitching about work. See, he works at the network I used to work at. He's running into the same problem I was... no movement when it came to promotions. Women with larger breasts were getting them and he was not.

In television, this happens a lot.

I was once told that I had everything they wanted in someone for the position but went with someone with more experience. The girl who got the job, I had trained to photocopy and answer the phones. I was pissed. I got my revenge a few months later during a breaking news story...

I was doing my thing for my program and she was supposed to be doing something for her show and didn't know how to do certain things on a machine. her boss kept asking her for something to be done and she didn't know how to do it and was pretty much screwing the network. I was nearby, swooped in and saved the day.

When she asked me to show her what I did I kinda laughed on the inside. I got a great recommendation from her boss.

Anyway, Andy was complaining about his hours, which are roughly the same as mine now... 6pm-3am ET. He knew he could be better... he knew that he deserved better but there is no room to move around right now. He decided that he wants to move to Washington and just make something happen where he can be happy and have a good life. Even if it meant leaving the network. He doesn't worry about people saying, "Oh he left XYZ for this!?" He's doing it.

It got me thinking about why I have been such a Debbie Downer lately. I feel screwed with the hours that I work. One of the reasons why I started this blog is because I was working screwy hours at night, worked in television news and had some standby time that I needed to kill. It's evolved into what it is today. Mostly me bitching about life and doing a little bit about it.

True... since I started this blog I have had a lot happen in my life. Hour changes, two job offers and me taking one in Connecticut and even more hour changes.

I have an Emmy, MASSIVE amounts of job security thanks to the BILLIONS my company makes for our even more massive Parent company. I have my health and am taking Graduate Classes and am now living with a buddy of mine who is an awesome roommate.

I didn't take a job in Los Angeles for a reason. I was offered it, posted that I was going and ended up taking the Connecticut job for more money.

Where am I now?

Yes, I have all of this support, stuff going for me and I still feel like I could be doing more. Could be more creative.

I was talking with a buddy of mine who just finished working at Sundance. We have been talking about locking ourselves in a cabin for a long weekend and not leaving until we have some sort of script in our hands.

When I lived in NY I loved reading scripts, writing down ideas on the subway or sitting in the park daydreaming. I don't get to do much of that here in CT. I don't know why. I am going back to what I love.

After this semester, work won't be paying for school anymore because of "the economy"

This is a chance for me to do some writing and test the waters. There are some fellowships out there that I am interested in. Maybe it will turn out. Who knows.

All I know is that things are looking up, I have been rawking the gym harder than usual and since I decided on this I have been more excited than I have in a while.


  1. Hang in there you lousy bitch! Love ya!

  2. Wait... you won an EMMY? What for?!

    Congrats though!

  3. Don't forget to CHASE your Dreams! Always.

    TV news sucks, hope things look up for you, but
    in the meantime, keep those dreams alive!

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