Friday, September 5, 2008

Giants are BACK!

Everyone here knows my LOVE of the NY Football Giants. They won the SUPER BOWL on my birthday. Last night they got off to a great start, 1-0. They beat the Washington Redskins.

Before the game started, I headed over to gate D and signed a beam that will be used at the September 11th memorial at the World Trade Center. Every fan in attendance could sign the beam and leave a note about your feelings on Sept. 11th. I wrote last 9/11 about my father and it is something that gets me choked up.

The new Stadium is coming along very nice. I have had season tickets in my family since the Giants played at the Old Polo Grounds and I am NOT too happy with the PSL's we will have to pay. It's about $5k a seat!

Retired DE Michael Strahan came out of a HUGE Trophy at mid field prior to the Giants running out of the tunnel.
That is what it looked like from my seat last night. Strahan came out and got the crowd FIRED up.
What pisses me off is that there have been athletes that I have had crushes on and they have gone to division rivals. Colt Brennan is one of them. I find him incredibly sexy. Why can't I find a guy like this in CT? SIGH.

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  1. Colt...please come to Chicago, we need your help, and even if you suck, I'd rather stare at your ass than at Orton's.