Monday, September 1, 2008

Back to School

I know these are the guys from the new 90210, but seriously, I love that I am back in school.

I have had one week of classes and am in LOVE with them. Life has been crazy. I have had a whole bunch of shit going on, as you can tell from the lack of posts all month.

Work has been crazy. My new shift has me adjusting to new hours and a whole bunch of new challenges. What sucks the most is that the adjustment is still happening. I don't get much sleep nights because of class running late, till 9:10pm.... but it's worth it.

Why do I love being back in class? Well, I have had to make several trips to campus to do my schedule, talk with advisors, get my student ID, yadda yadda.

I did NOT have to buy books this semester. SWEET.

It's warm out and there are lots... TONS of shirtless, hot guys at school. Seriously. I forgot how many hot guys there are walking around this school.

One plus side is the fact that a good frind of mine, and fraternity brother, is working at the school and living in one of the freshman dorms. I have class with his wife and am constantly swinging by to pick her up for class and to study and such. 
Today, I came by to help her with some computer related issues and this hot, 18 year old who looked like the guy above was walking around the hallway, on his cell phone, in his underwear. Fucking A.  I love college. 
To the content of the classes, one of them has us posting all of our papers, and thoughts, on a blog. A class about blogging. No one knows about my blog here. But, it's another outlet that I have to keep tabs on. 
I am back. Sorry for being gone for so long. Leave comments and let me know how you have been...


  1. You know, having gone to a non-traditional urban college I missed out on hot 18 year old dudes walking around in their underwear. Thankfully that's my only regret...

  2. So glad you are enjoying it! (I know this comment is really delayed)

  3. I was in the ROTC dorm the first year, and the guys walking around in their pajama bottoms going commando was NICE