Sunday, June 8, 2008

Promotions, the Guy, and Softball

Yesterday was such a fun day. More about where I woke up later.... but first, softball is back.

I haven't played a game yest this season because of work conflicts. I drove down to the city in the scorching heat and met up with the team. We have some new faces after moving up to a better division and one of them is fucking hot as hell. He is straight and married but it doesn't matter, he has an amazing body.

I figured he was just a cocky, Italian, Long Island meathead, but he is a lot more than that. He has been best friends with a guy on our team for a long time and is really an awesome guy to hang out with.

We swept our 2 games and after we headed into the city to our sponsor bar for drinks. We were all still in our uniforms and must have stunk while sitting out on the patio. But we had a great time. Laughing, joking around and just being loud.

Now back to where I woke up. I did something I did not want to do, which was sleep over the guys place. Friday night we went out for dinner and had great conversation. We are very the same in many respects. We both like the movie Hackers. We are both sports fans, although he doesn't watch them much anymore.

After dinner we went back to his place to hang out and he wanted me to sleep over. As we sat on the couch he told me that I was the guy he had been waiting for his entire life.

That scared me a little bit. We have only hung out 3 times and he knows that I am the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with. I want to get to know him and be friends first before we moved on. I explained that to him and he freaked OUT.

My thoughts are that I want to get to know him as a friend and see where things go from there. I have a feeling he won't go for that because several times he told me that he wants me all for himself.


  1. Give it time, JP. It will either work, or it won't.

  2. I hear the Theme from the movie Jaws... Anyone? Anyone?

  3. I agree with anonymous. He wants you all for himself.

    That's just creepy. Like, finding you under his mom's back porch kind of creepy. If it weren't a concern, you would not have blogged about it.