Monday, April 28, 2008

Sweet Weekend

I had a great weekend. Friday I did a lot of work at my parents place/my new home. My room is almost ready to move in to. I had dinner with my family then headed out to see my friend Blair for a drink and just to relax.

Saturday I headed up to Boston to see friends and go on an inappropriate t-shirt pub crawl. Everyone going had to wear a t-shirt that was inappropriate or had a funny saying. I decided to wear a NY Giants tshirt... in Boston.

I got some great comments, but overall it was fun.

Most of the night was spent with my good friend Paula and this guy that we met at one of the bars. He started talking to her and from a far I saw his bulging biceps. As we were about to leave I made the comment to her and she said, "Hun he plays for your team. All yours!" with a devilish smile.

He was dressed cute... black polo, collar popped, gelled hair in a messy spike, very nice jeans that were snug on him and really nice shoes. The second bar we were at he was dancing and talking with my friend Melissa... she comes up to me and says the same thing to me.

I am waiting over by the bar and he comes up and we start making small talk about where he went to school. Turns out we have some common friends with where he went to school in CT. Weird that he went to school about a half hour away from where I went.

He bought me a beer and a shot and we started talking.

"Do I come off as a gay guy?" he asks...

"I don't know what you mean by gay? Are you asking if I think you fit into a stereotype?"

"I was just wondering because Paula had said you were gay and I wanted the opinion of another gay dude. You don't come off as a gay guy at all"

The conversation went on like that and I told him that if he is straight he should have no worries about what other people think of him. He apparently gets told a lot that he comes off as gay or effeminate.

This was my night to have fun with my friends and thats what I did. I had a blast with the guys I went to college with. Laughed, danced and just had fun.

At the last bar we went to, i was by the bar again and my new found friend in Boston caught up with me. He was asking about my night, I smiled and said it was great. He bought me another beer and then gave me his name and number so we could stay in touch.

Who am I to say no. When I got home from Boston I had a friend request from him on Facebook.

Saturday night was just amazing to be around the people that I had so much fun with in college. When ever we get together it's just an amazing time.

Now I need to focus on going to the gymnasium this week. I slacked off last week and did NOT eat well at all. It happens, I know. But I need to focus more on that.

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  1. who's the guy in the wings? he looks somewhat familiar.