Friday, April 4, 2008


I haven't been able to focus lately. I don't know what it is. I do know that I have a guy on my mind who has been bothering me (His name doesn't start with R)

I met this guy at a bar a few weeks ago. He's a really cool guy. We have been chatting and flirting since we met. One night while talking, I half jokingly suggested that I should stop over at his place on my way home from work to make out. He says sure... and gives me directions.

It had been a while since I hooked up so when I walked in I was ready to go...

Now, I did not have "sex" with him but we both were very satisfied laying down after we were spent. He started to rub my legs, flipped me over and gave me an AMAZING massage.

I felt good. We laughed, talked about a whole bunch of stuff and just enjoyed hanging out together. He was leaving for a business trip in a few days so no big deal.

He gets back from his trip and he shoots me an IM asking how I have been. We chit chat, the usual and I ask what he is up to this weekend... "I am hanging out with my new boyfriend."

I thought for a minute he was just being sarcastic, but he was serious. My stomach dropped. Apparently he has been hooking up with a guy he met from his gym. This gym guy got kicked out of his apartment, moved in and they are now dating.

Lately I have had no confidence in guys and what will happen with them. Absolutely NONE! I realize that this was a guy I met at a bar, was talking to for a few weeks and we hooked up once. But still, I have the WORST timing ever when it comes to guys.

Billy has also had some troubles, but at least he is getting laid.

A friend of mine who is in the Army told me one night in a drunken conversation that I have nothing to complain about. I have an amazing job at an amazing company. I have some of the greatest friends a guy could ask for. I am healthy. I have a very loving and caring family.

He could be shipped out to the Middle East sometime soon, he said things could be a lot worse and I know that. He is one of the coolest and strongest guys I have ever met. I love and respect everything about him.

All I really ask for is someone to give me a chance ya know.

Now, I held back the story about Bar Guy because I didn't want to jinx it. Heres hoping something else isn't jinxed.

**After work tonight I stopped by Stop&Shop to grab some ice cream and a movie. I was a total chick... I decided to rent The Comebacks. I needed a laugh tonight. I forgot how HOT Matthew Lawrence is.


  1. Why not try and expand your social circle beyond the bar hopping crowd? I realize that a lot of good people go to bars, but I have never found anything other than short-term fun from a bar interaction, not even a long-term friendship.

  2. Hey guy...

    Don't expect that relationship to last. It was not worth your time. Enjoy the friendship and leave it at that.

    Congrats on the are doing an amazing job and you will get the recognition you deserve.