Friday, February 1, 2008

LOST and other stuff

Have you watched the season premier of LOST yet? Well, there isn't much new stuff out there on TV right now because of the damn writers strike and I am predicting that LOST has BIG numbers in the ratings.

ABC was smart to put a re-cap show on the air before the season premiere. The first episode was pretty sweet. I won't go into detail about it but it tied up some ends for all of us fans out there and also made us scratch our heads.

I guess we will have to wait until next week... OH WAIT! Thanks to a friend of mine I was able to watch the 2nd episode of the season which won't air until Feb. 7th.....

HOLY SHIT! Anyone want to borrow it from me? It was ridiculous.

I was reading USA Today and I saw this headline and could NOT refuse to post it here.

I snapped this picture of my parents dog Bella a few weekends ago sitting and watching for my father to return from Green Bay.

My sisters new puppy Bucca plays tug of war with Bella!

This is another dog that belongs to my parents. His name is Buddy. Yes, he has one eye. He had a cancerous growth behind the eye and it needed to be removed. He's what my mom calls "our little pirate." He seems a lot happier with a bunch of dogs in the house. He's so damn fun to play catch with, even if he is blind.

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  1. Dear god, Buddy is adorable!!

    Just started reading your blog (not sure how I ended up here but no matter) and am really enjoying. It's great to see a perspective quite different than my own.