Friday, February 1, 2008

Chris and Straight Hockey Guys

While at work earlier tonight I got into a conversation with a fraternity brother named Rader.

He went to another school and we met while attending our TKE conclave in Dallas over the summer of 2003. I was instantly drawn to Rader's charming good looks, athletic body and amazing personality. We hit it off.

We stayed in contact, surprisingly he e-mailed me first. Then came the Facebook friend request and we would exchange stories about weekends, trips and future.

I thought that a while ago we had a conversation about my frustration of not being able to find a guy that was right for me. Apparently we never did.

He told me about a girl he had met and a year later he asked her to marry him. I was very excited for him. Do I find him attractive, yes. But he is still a friend of mine and I know that is all he will ever be.

So, back to our conversation. He was awake doing his thesis for grad school and took a break and IMed me. I was winding down on my work day and we started talking. He needed my new address for the wedding invitation and wanted me to come out for his bachelor party that is a month before the wedding. He asked me if I had a hot date and I said I did not and went off on one of my patent pending "I will be single forever" rants.

He asked me why I would be single forever and that it was "horse shit, you're a good looking guy" he said.

I really thought we had the conversation but apparently we didn't. Thus I came out to a friend who lives out near Detroit who had no idea I was gay. It was a funny feeling but what was nice was his immediate response was, "my fiance has a HOT gay friend for you." JACKPOT!

The whole conversation brought me back to a similar conversation I had with a guy named Matt from Boston. He is a reader, working and dating in Boston. In many ways we are the same and have had numerous similar experiences. We also share the same taste in men.

We like the straight hockey player, frat boy type that is almost always not gay. OR he is gay for one night and chalks it up to too much beer and experimenting.

I was talking about Work and Gym crush with him and he went out on a limb and said that there was about a .001% that they would be gay and should leave it as an admiration from far away and not get all worked up over them.

On my way home from work, Rader called me and said that he loved me more than ever and said he could not wait to have me out in Detroit for the wedding. There is no sexual attraction to Rader, there is the love I have for a true friend that despite the distance has remained someone I know I can trust and cares. It's an awesome feeling!

Here are two more pictures of him. He is a cutie and could not resist sharing him.

Also, I am on my way to my goal of the month. It's February now and I worked out 5x a week jogging, sprinting and doing some light lifting. My waist is getting smaller by the day, my new eating habits have kicked in and become easier to adjust to and my 3 days of total body work outs start on Monday with my trainer.

It's all about starting with an attainable goal, reaching it and building on the success.


  1. He is a cutie...

    Congrats on all the workout stuff. You're doing great!

  2. Everyone should have a friend or two like this.

  3. very happy to read about your work out success! Um, I think you like the hockey guys cuz you like to fuck around with sticks kid!