Wednesday, January 23, 2008


You have no idea how excited I am about the Giants right now. The team had me down a bunch during the season and now they have me really excited!

For those out there who ARE Giants fans, Lawrence Tynes will be on Letterman tonight. Tynes kicked the winning field goal against the Packers to send them to the Super Bowl. So crazy!

Also, anyone with an Eli Manning jersey or named Eli, can get in for free tomorrow night at the NY Titans Professional Lax game. Pretty sweet deal eh?

Another reason to be excited is I have a date on Friday. Check this out... After having a tire blow out and my spare tire having a hole in it, I didn't get to NYC on Saturday night as I had planned. A friend of mine called me asked me what I was doing, I talked about the tires and he said he would pick me up and take me to a gay bar in New Haven to raise my spirits.

We get to the bar and we run into a few mutual friends which was bizzare. As the night goes on I spot this really cute Latino looking guy. Really cute, preppy, all around hot.

We put him on the back burner and go about our night. I get home, check facebook and all that and I had an e-mail from It was the Latino.

We get to chatting over the next few days and before I get any kind of hope up I want to share this with all of you...

He recently moved to CT for a job from New York City. He Loves the New York Giants and Yankees. I think I may stop there because I have a woody just thinking about it. We have a dinner date on Friday. I'll see how it goes.