Thursday, January 24, 2008

Anyone wanna hang Friday?

In my last post, I brought up that I had a date on Friday. I brought up to a few people that I had an over whelming feeling that I was going to get stood up on this date. I was told to calm down. I am at work, dealing with a co-worker of mine who has been trying to set me up for failure, which my bosses knew about before I did, and I got an I'm from the guy I am supposed to be going on a date with… after a few minutes he says out of the blue…

“yo i think i gotta call off our big plans for tomorrow. i'm gonna head into nyc straight from work, thought i'd be going sat”

Great. My date has been called off and I have NOTHING to do on Friday night. My best friend won’t call me back and I feel like shit.

Not to mention a bunch of work drama… WHAT THE FUCK!

Seriously, when does Karma come around and help me out?????


  1. Could be worse.

    You could be freezing your balls off, getting stood up twice in one week. Not that I know that from personal experience, or anything...

  2. Patience grasshopper, patience. Oh, that's right, you're probably too young to remember the Kung Fu series. It'll come around when you least expect it.

  3. Call or txt me JP...we should do something

  4. I could play online internet Scrabble with you... too bad we're not on the same coast, boy!

    Nothing Golden Stays

  5. Sorry about it all kiddo...if you ever get to orlando, me and my friends will show you a grand time.

    know tons of hot single guys to set you up with...

  6. Ahhh, JP. Seems it wasn't long ago that you were happy as a pig in shit about how lucky and fortunate your recent life has been. Maybe you need to backtrack a little and re-read that post. Sorry I'm not able to muster a little more sympathy for you.....because you are a damn lucky bastard!

  7. Getting blown off really sucks, doesn't it? Always turn negitive experiences into learning ones. Now that you know how it feels, perhaps you'll never do it to others.