Wednesday, January 16, 2008


This post is all about updates!

First... my new cable system is awesome. I have a box in my room and have been loving coming home and watching TV that has all my favorite channels on one lineup. What is also great is that I can watch what is stored on the DVR in the living room while in my bedroom! I love it.

Second, Apple released the iPhone 1.1.3 update that has all kinds of fun features. I can make my own home screen... Google maps can tell me where I am and give directions a lot better, multiple recipient text messages... I am in love. Apple also released the new Macbook Air. K wrote about the new Macbook so check it out.

My Macbook is almost 2 years old now! I have been looking at iMac desktops to do a bunch of my photo video editing but now that I see the Air... GOD... Apple... you have taken my life!

Link Updates!

I added a bunch of links to my blog roll. They are all blogs and sites that I read. Some that I did add were Closet Frat Boy (Always support the Greeks) Paint the Blog Orange, Closet only Child... did I forget anyone?

I also added two others...

Check out Starr Fucker. He describes himself best in his bio, "I moved to LA to complete my education in Photography and to pursue a career as an Artist. Like many people who own a camera I found myself taking pictures of sex... one thing led to another and soon there I was running porn sites, producing porn events, and learning a lot about the business of the naked man.
It was all a beautiful craziness that soon developed and settled down into a nice low-key alternative...."

Porn has always interested me since I was old enough to download it. What is it with men and porn? Anyway, the second link is turning into a post of it's own so be on the look out.

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