Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Giants make History!

This should have been the first thing I posted today but there have been some problems. When I got home on Sunday night we had no power here at my place.

I also woke up at 9am to have the cable guy here giving us new cable and internet so I could not post, then I had work. So here we go...


The New York Giants will be playing the Green Bay Packers on Sunday and I plan on being in New York City to watch the NFC Championship game....

WOW... I just wrote New York Giants and NFC Championship game!

I watched the game at work and was VERY nervous throughout the game. The end of the game was nerve racking. I was trading text messages with my sister, cousin, best freind, so many people... Once the Giants won the game on the interception, it made it a LOT better!

The New York Post Sent a FAKE Jessica Simpson to the Giants/Cowboys game.


  1. I loved watching Terrell Owens cry like a little punk bitch. I guess he will bring the popcorn to watch the Giants vs. Green Bay game.

  2. Guess I was wrong in my thoughts that the Cowboys would win. They choked at the end which was pretty pathetic. Congrats to the Giants and good luck in the next game.