Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Observations from the Weekend

This weekend was eye opening for me. Not only did my Giants give me a win, I learned a lot about how my body is taking to working out. Saturday was a good day of sleeping in late, doing some laundry and watching football on TV.

I was joined on AIM by Justin, who helped me with my pregame drinking. I was supposed to head out to a conference in Pennsylvania for my fraternity, but decided that I needed some ME time this weekend.

I started drinking some Jack and Gingers and my roomie got home. I had made plans with him to go out that night in Hartford. Now, Hartford is not New York by any means. We still have fun when we go out.

We went out to this Irish pub near the Civic Center downtown and watched the end of the Pittsburgh/Jacksonville game. Joining us on our night out was a friend of the roomie (who also works where we work) and his new “boy friend”. They are not dating, per say. Here is the story:

Our mutual friend, SB, is a good looking guy. About 31 years old, in good shape and is a pretty big sports fan. Too bad he is one of those Patriots/red Sox people but not everyone is perfect.

His interest is what made the night. A 21 year old Italian jock. Italian Jock is about 6’4ish and is in his senior year of college. He is very straight acting and a big fan of the red Sox and the Dallas Cowboys. UGH, The Cowboys. We watched the end of the game, made some good conversation about the playoffs, SB took some jabs at my New York sports allegiances, no big deal… I’m a big boy.

SB and Italian Jock called it a night and left because SB wanted to “see a band that was performing down the road” more like he wanted to spend time with his new guy.

After they left Roomie and I did our post game analysis of the two and the immediate conclusion is that Italian Jock is HOT and SB is really lucky to have found a guy with common interests as him. Guys like that are pretty rare.

I kept drinking, tried to get my roomie to talk to this guy that was eyeing him at the bar, but he did not. Roomie does good in the guy dept lately.

As I kept drinking my emotions took over. It wasn’t till we were at After Hours that I started feeling it. Roomie and I went to a diner, talked and when I got home we watched a movie (more on that later)

I felt like crap when I woke up and realized I ate all kinds of horrible food at the diner and really didn’t need it, but food has always made me feel better. My conclusion right now is that I need to stop eating like that late at night and all day. I have been pretty good with the new workout regimen and a big thanks to Cooper who has posted some of the workouts he has been doing. It’s helping me out.

A big thanks to a bunch of people I have talked to about this.

Now the movie we watched. Roomie likes to NetFlix random movies and watch them late night. This one was called Locked Up. All we knew going into it was that it was a love story that takes place in a German prison. It “stars” Marcel Schlutt who starts the movie off coming into prison and stripping down to show off a pretty big piece between his legs. While the movie goes on, we notice that it's like a porn without all the sex. Apparently, that is what it was. The US version on NetFlix is the softcore version that shows naked guys, some hard cocks and a "shower rape scene" but in Germany the movie scenes are extended to pretty hardcore scenes.

Marcel (NSFW), pictured to the left, has some inetresting credits on IMDB including "Cruising Budapest 2" and "Scrum!" Needless to say, the movie was laughable and made the night better for me.


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