Saturday, January 12, 2008


My weekend has started off with a bang. No, not that kind of bang... I wish. I was sort of a waste yesterday... I slept in, watched TV and caught up on some phone calls I needed to make. It is also my off day at the gymnasium, for now.

My roommate got home and we decided to head down to Oracle in New Haven for the night. We had some cocktails before we left and got down to New Haven feeling good. There were three of us... Roomie, Alberto and I headed for the bar and I got the first round.

Alberto said that the bar us almost always hit or miss. We walked in and it looked like it might have been a miss. There was a really cute boy near the door with a gaggle of straight girls fawning over the masculine bartender. He was cute. I tried to gauge if he was straight, and he was... although, when I closed out my tab he gave me a big thank you.

We left the front bar and drank in the back near the dance floor. I was checking out the place and thats when I saw him. He was ordering drinks at the bar and I thought he was cute. He looked a LOT like my friend Rader who is a hockey player in Michigan. I chat him up and find out his name is Thane. Blonde hair, blue eyes, athletic build... totally my type.

We talked a little hockey, he asked me what I do and we talked about my job and his interest got peeked. After 5 minutes of solid conversation he was still there talking, even though he had ordered two drinks. He told me he was in town from Minneapolis visiting his friend and was out having a good time with him, yet he was staying and talking with me.

He headed out to the dance floor to give his friend his drink while I returned to roomie and Alberto. Roomie was excited and I said that he was straight to which he said, "No straight boy has a 5 minute conversation at a gay bar with another guy." Such a good point. A few minutes later we headed to the dance floor.

I saw him dancing to the techno music and was a pretty good dancer. I made my way over and started dancing near him, he saw me, shot me a smile and I moved in closer. We danced for a little bit, not touching, just next to eachother... he leaned in and asked me if I smoked...

I do not smoke. It's a big turn off for me. It had been so long since my mojo had really been on so I brought out the A Game. "I don't smoke, but I'll go outside with you." He smiled.

We worked out way outside and he leaned up against the wall and we got to talking. He asked me why I was talking to him, I said he was cute... duh.

I asked him if he had a girlfriend... or boyfriend... kept it open to see the response. He was single. "I don't have a girlfriend"

Damn... but he still asked me to come outside with him.. he continued...

"If you caught me three months ago I would have told you I was kinda seeing someone. He was a jerk"

My heart jumped for joy! Thane and I talked about a bunch of random stuff outside. He showed me his nipple ring, let me play with it. The rest of the night was spent outside talking. My roommate called me a few times and I told him I had to sign my tab. I told him it was great meeting him, he said he comes to CT often to visit and would see me again. If I wanted a kiss next time I had to shave because he likes a smooth face.

My A-Game was on, but it felt good just being out again and talking to guys.

The rest of the night is blurry from there and apparently I was a mess after that. I woke up this morning on the couch... yup. The couch.


  1. Hey man,
    I'm new to your blog, but I've gotta tell you, I'm lovin' it! Thanks for letting us into your life. I wish I had as much drive to write as you do, maybe someday I will! Thanks again and I'm looking forward to reading more.

  2. Your weekend should have ended great. Go Big Blue! And the still playing manning, Eli!

  3. Awesome Job boy!!!

    Keep up the great work...wrangle them hotties..

  4. Hi-Five!

    Fun times for you my man

  5. Minnesotans are great. I should know...I am one.