Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Founders Day!!!

"On the cold night of January 10, 1899, students of Illinois Wesleyan University, in the small Midwestern town of Bloomington, had just returned from the Christmas holidays when Joseph L. Settles went to the room occupied by James C. McNutt and Clarence A. Mayer at 504 East Locust Street to discuss the organization of a new society on campus. Joined immediately by Owen I. Truitt and C. Roy Atkinson, these five students created the first set of regulations for the Knights of Classic Lore, a society whose avowed purpose was "to aid college men in mental, moral, and social development."

This fraternity, called the Knights of Classic Lore would go on to become Tau Kappa Epsilon, my fraternity. Teke's as we are called celebrate all over the world and today is no different. I have already got a few texts from guys wishing me a happy founders day.

There are some great ideas set forth in fraternal organizations. What it boils down to for some is who has the best parties. But for others, when you look at the values of the organizations, it makes sense.

For any TKE's out there that may be reading, Happy Founders Day. YITB


  1. JP you are the MAN
    for REAL...

    call me again sometime...

  2. I was a SPE or Sig Ep. I am an agent for the company that occupies Bloomington, IL. What is that Company? Happy Founder Day!