Monday, December 3, 2007

Boston Crawl

So, you have been all waiting for it… My weekend. I haven’t had one of these weekends since I moved out of New York City and now know that living in the suburbs is not really my thing for a social life. I am managing here in CT, but know in the future I will be living in NYC or a large city.

Friday I headed up to Boston College to hang out with my good friend and fraternity brother Cam. We said it was going to be an “easy” night since the Crawl started at 3pm on Saturday. Cam works for BC and has an apartment on campus that is pretty big. A few of his friends showed up and it turned into a Crazy night with some friends from college showing up, beer pong and drinking games. I woke up the next morning, very hung over, and pretty excited for the Crawl to start.

We got to the first bar and Timmy was there. He is the reason we all came together. We are raising money for him and his family to help pay medical bills (information at the bottom of post if you would like to contribute)

A bunch of friends from college that I haven't seen in a while were there, buying everyone drinks, shots and walking from bar to bar. At the second bar I was introduced to this guy named Dan. A really cute guy, just graduated from a liberal arts school nearby. We kept talking and I got this vibe from him. He kept smiling at me with a cute smile and his deep blue eyes.

We ended up at Boston Beer works at one stop and I wanted to get some food, as did Dan. He kept asking me on our walk over if I wanted to eat and if I would share something with him. It was cute. He sat next to me, and his friend Meg sat across from him. Meg gets up at one point and Dan cozzies up really close to me. Dan is in faily good shape and we were talking about my chest hair. He liked my chest hair, mind you I was wearing a longsleve thermal on so he must have been checking me out when I took my shirt off at one point because I had beer spilled on my top layer.

He lifted up his shirt a little bit to reveal a nice stomach with a happy trail to which I said he looked good anyway. He smiled at me.

As we were walking to the last bar, I was pretty drunk and so was he. He came up to me and said that he had to go to a friends birthday party but didn't want to leave without my number. I gave it to him and he asked me to walk with him while he got a cab. My friends waited in line and we turned the corner and ducked into a Bank so he could get cash out.

It was nice and warm inside the ATM room and he said he was happy he met someone like me and really wanted to get me alone. I took it upon myself with all the signs there and went in for the kill. I smiled back at him and leaned in. We embraced inside the bank ATM room for a solid minute. "Next time you are in Boston call me" We held hands until a cab came by and he left. He texted me a smile at the end of the night.

I was very surprised that the night had gone like this. I had two girls fighting over taking to me, until I had to break the news to them telling them that I liked guys.

The last bar we were at was called The Harp. It's right near the Boston Garden and an okay place. Beers were too much but I had my friends with me and we were dancing downstairs. My friend Shelby, who lives in Boston came by and we had a GREAT time. I guess at the beginning of the night I was introduced to this really cute guy, but was so caught up in Dan that I hadn't really given him the attention he needed.

I was getting a beer and he was behind me and made some comment about the price of the beer. We got to talking and while everyone was dancing nearby we were talking pretty close. Talking led to flirting. Flirting led to dancing with one an other. We took some time to dance with close friends and he came up behind me and gave me a squeeze on my ass.

I turned around and he winked at me. For the rest of the night he had my full attention. At this point my friend Vic wanted me to leave the bar and head to a gay bar which was kind of far away from where I was. I decided to stay, which Vic should forgive me for.

Living on a prayer comes on and it's CRAZY. I see my cutie dancing so I go up behind him and grind up on him. My friends are all very awesome and when I did that it wasn't that big of a deal, within the 60 people that we had dancing. Some random guy comes up to us, while we were dancing and waves his hand in between our faces, which were not very close at all. He says you guys are too close and stares me right in the eyes. I looked shocked, as did my friends who were close by. My testosterone pumped up and I said, "Do you have a problem?" The guy, who was drunk and trying to be all macho, looked surprised that I mouthed back to him. He responded back, "That shit ain't cool."

I looked the guy straight in the eyes, turned my hat around and said "Do you have a fuckin problem?" Shocked again, he backed away and left. My friend Austin thought i was going to punch him in the face and was about to jump in, but he was impressed with me standing up to the guy.

It was a straight bar after all, but seriously, we were not in the middle of the dance floor making a spectecal of ourselves. Just dancing, having a good time. Ok, I will admit we di steal a few ksses here and there... but we couldn't resist. He asked for my number, and I gave it to him.

I don't know what it was but my confidence was VERY high in Boston and I had a great time. For the most part it was hanging out with friends and enjoying being with eachother and celebrating our friend Timmy.

Enjoy some pictures that I am sure you will enjoy.

We are currently taking donations that will go directly to Timmy's family for his care. Any donation amount you can give will mean the world to Tim, his family as well as his friends.We promise you that every penny of your donation will go straight to Timmy and his family. Thank you so much.

Please make your check out to the'Timothy Morris Medical Fund'and mail to:

'Timothy Morris Medical Fund' Citizens Bank115 Indian Rock Road NH-473Windham, NH 03087


  1. Ok ok . . .I forgive you! You have good reasons. If I had two cuties all over me I'd be like "sorry!"

    Glad you had a great time!

  2. Good for you for not taking that asshole's shit. Other than that it sounds like you had a great weekend!

  3. good on ya mate,that guy is an asshole,thumbs up for ya~

    Great to hear that you are havin a blast!

  4. Despite all the cutie attention, looks like they didn't leave you satisfied...

  5. Is that you in the first picture..if so you're very cute. Sounds like you had a great time in Boston.

  6. Hell yeah! Don't take any shit from some drunk asshole who's bothered by you having a good time!! Sounds like Boston was good to you!

    Nothing Golden Stays

  7. dude that is COOL, you got some balls dude, in boston even. so great to read it, and yeah gay or not when a guy gets confronted and feels like saying bring it on, so what. hope they both call soon.