Thursday, October 11, 2007

This Weekend

I am very excited about this weekend. I'm heading out to Rhode Island for the Red Bull Soap Box Derby. It is almost the 1 year anniversary of my best friend John getting married. I haven't really seen him much since then. To be fair, he has been living in Hartford and I was in NY. Now we are a lot closer distance wise and after this weekend is over, I'm sure I will be seeing a lot of him.

You guys will be hearing a lot about John now that I am living close by. John and I met in middle school. We both played on the same little league team and that summer we both went to the same summer camp where we ended up being in the same "drama" class. Flash forward to high school... John joined the football team because he was fast. The second week of practice he broke his arm and never came back. He focused on Track. I kept playing football for 4 years.

We stayed friends in college when he was in DC and after college when he was moving all over the place. He was one of the first people I ever admitted to that I was into guys. Back then I said bi... but we all know that I am not Bi at all.

Anyway, I'm pretty excited because everything is paid for. The hotel room, the VIP passes, the food and drinks are all paid for. It should be a good weekend for sure.


  1. hey cutie... it's cameron- I just wanted to alert you to the new blog.

    This is the last one, I promise.