Monday, October 15, 2007

Providence: Back in the Groove

Well, I am back from Providence and I had an awesome time. I had never been to Providence and I got to say, I loved every minute of it.

As I said before, I was out there because my best friend is in charge of Marketing for Red Bull in CT, RI and Western Mass. He has beenw orking for Red Bull since he was in college and they have treated him great. The Red Bull Soap Box Race had neverbeen on the east coast, so this was a big deal for him.

I got to the Westin: Providence at about 3am on Saturday morning and crashed. My room was very nice. King sized feather bed that was just a dream to sleep in. When I woke up, my credentials for the day were slid under my door and I met up with my buddy Brendan (B) to go to the race.

B had a few friends with him, one of which was very cute but very straight. We got to the race and were met with about 80,000 other people trying to get a spot on the hill to watch the race. We were lucky enough to be FORB's (Friends of red Bull) which got us into a VIP section with free food, booze and a viewing platform. Another cool part of the area were the plasma screens that gave us a view of the entire course.

My buddy John met us in the FORB area and from there it was a wedding reunion. His wife, her parents, his mom and my buddy Gennaro (G)and his girlfriend.

John's mom was excited to see me, asking me about work and how everything is going and then she asked me if I "had a partner?" I don't know why but I hate the word partner when it comes to having a boyfriend. I would much rather have her say boyfriend than partner. John's oldest brother Billy is gay and has an awesome boyfriend down in Miami.

The race was very entertaining and there were some very cute skater guys walking around the FORB area.

After the race was over I went shopping with G and his gf and bought 2 sweaters which were very nice. We met up with John and his wife later to grab some food at the Cheesecake Factory. I know... a chain, but we love the food and Red Bull was picking up the tab.

After dinner we changed and headed to this club called Exodus. We were treated to a VIP area with free drinks. Now, I had been drinking all day... shopped, had dinner with drinks and now was drinking for free and feeling really good.

Around midnight, I was looking over the ledge at the dance floor in a zone. John comes up to me and asks me how I was doing, if I was having fun. Of course I was having fun, just wish that I wasn't the only homo hanging out in the VIP area. I said it jokingly and he said he knew there was a gay place around the corner and that I should go for the last hour and hang out there.

I felt bad leaving him but he said that I should go because he was going to help get B laid that night. So off I went.

The bar was pretty cool, small two floors with a dancefloor on 1st floor and a bar on the second level that looks down on the dancefloor. They had a TV on upsatirs showing the red Sox getting beat by the Indians. I was loving every minute of that!

I was my usual self going up and talking to random guys who I thought were cute. Some of the guys were very stuck up. I just don't understand why some guys can be so toolish.

There was one guy that was very cute that I started talking to. Explained how I just moved from New York and found out he just moved from there as well. We talked about favorite bars and both knew a certain bartender from Vlada which was prettty awesome. I bought him a shot and a beer. Sometime between talking he had taken his shirt off to shw off his wonderful chest and abs. I commented that he had a nice body and as any gay guy would, he called himself fat.

UGH. He was cute and calling himself fat. instant turn off. After a couple more minutes of talking we started to make out at the end of the bar. Not really in anyones way, just off to the side and what a great kisser. After a few minutes of making out, talking and more making out 2 drunken SKANKS walk over and pull him away. I was pissed off and drunk which is a bad combination. I needed to pee so I walked to the bathroom and saw the guy I had been making out with trying to walk back to where I just was and the skanks telling him not to go back.

What the fuck. Skanks ruined my night! The rest of the night I started talking to this guy nammed Charlie. Was in town to see family, going to harvard law and we talked for the rest of the night until the lights came up. We walked out together and I told him I was staying at a hotel and he smiled. We walked to his car and made out for a bit by the car.

He drove me to the hotel and we parked the car. His phone had been blowing up the entire time we were making out. He decided he needed to answer it. One of his friends from home was puking on the side of the road and couldn't drive. He rolled his eyes and said he would pick him up. I said I would go with him. We went to pick up the friend and he was in horrible shape. We got him to his apartment and took care of him.

Charlie didn't want to keep me there so he drove me to the hotel, again, and dropped me off. We exchanged numbers and wants me to come visit him up at Harvard. I can't wait.


  1. Sounds like a fun time. Too bad about the ending, but now you have a reason to visit Boston!

  2. Just gotta ask....what is a SKANK?

  3. Um, if you make it to Boston, you better ring me!

    Btw, how much does this suck? I'll be in NYC this weekend and you've moved! AHHH!

  4. My, my, JP Mac is bringing it all over New England huh?