Tuesday, September 18, 2007


My weekend was pretty nice. Very relaxing and got a lot of stuff done


After getting home to my parents house in Connecticut, I started to clean out my old bedroom that I grew up in. 7 hours later and about 4 large garbage bags for Good Will later I went down to the center of town to pick up dinner. As I was driving, I see the lights from the high school football field on.

I get back home and during dinner I bring up that I saw the HS lights on. My sister joked that I should stop by and check the score out. My mom says I should stop by and I think I should. So after dinner, I get into my moms car, drive down to the high school and start walking in. I run into the Athletic Director, who is a friend of mine. He was a coach of mine when I was young and I was friends with his son. We start talking and he brings me in through the player entrance. We talk and head to the sidelines during half time. On the home side, on the 30 yard line former players gather and talk about the game and share glory stories.

I was clearly the oldest there and introduced myself. I haven’t been to a game since 2002 when my youngest sister was a cheerleader. I decide that by the 4th quarter I want to leave. The AD stops me and gives me a pass for the rest of the season to get in with. I also bump into my English teacher who now has 3 kids and is really looking old.

I spend the rest of the night with fraternity brothers that were in town. We watch the Yankees game and that’s pretty much it.


I go and look at a few cars, head out to dinner with my mom and sister and hang out with my little sister at home


The NY Giants home opener. What a great day. The weather was perfect football weather and I ate and drank way too much. You may be asking why there are pictures of a shirtless guy in the post and what it has to do with this post…

Well, his name is Rocky… he is my sisters college roommates brother. He is such a fun guy to hang out with and we always have a good time. He is cute, into sports, Italian and a college hockey player… he is such my type. He’s straight and I always fall for the straight guy… sigh.


  1. thanks for the update!

    Italian enough said! yumo!

  2. It also seems like you have a history of getting these hot guys that you thought weren't interested in you to be interested in you....

    just saying..

    Welcome back to CT. It's freezing up here in the hills.