Thursday, September 20, 2007

Looking Back: Jared

I’ve been thinking back about all the great times I have had in the city. One guy that comes to mind is Jared. I have the knack for meeting a guy that does not live in the NYC region and developing a crush on him. Long Distance relationships, in my own opinion, are not fair to either party. They always end messy… ALWAYS

Jared and I have e-mailed a few times since we have met, but not really for the past year. This happened August 2006.

It was a Saturday night and I was not feeling like going out. I had just got in from a jog in the park, took a shower and sat on the couch to watch some TV. I know you guys have had nights like that and just wanted to stay in and have a night. My cell phone rang and it was my little brother Jesse. Our friend Kate was throwing a birthday party at this bar on the Upper West Side for her sister and wanted us to come. I agreed, took a nap.. and headed out after throwing a Yankees t-shirt on.

I get to the bar around 10 and my little brother is there hanging out with guys we went to school with. We talk and catch up on everything and sign up to play beer pong in the back of the bar. Jesse and I are up and win our first game. I head to the bar with Jesse to get another pitcher of beer. Kate is there talking with a group of people and I say hello and join the conversation. She introduces me to Jared and we both smile at each other.

He comes back with me to the beer pong table and we make small talk during the game. Talking about nothing really… until he brings up the Yankees tshirt. He is a Red Sox fan… GREAT. After 3 more games, I’m getting pretty drunk and need to use the bathroom. The way the bar is set up, there is a bathroom downstairs. I walk down and do my business.

As I walk out of the bathroom, Jared is waiting there for me. He smiles, I smile and make small talk. There was that awkward moment of silence like, what do I say next, so I told him the bathroom was empty if he was waiting. He said he was waiting for me.

“Oh really? Why would you be waiting for me?” I ask

He looks up the stairs, sees no one is coming and looks back at me. Leans in and starts to kiss me. Here I am… in a straight bar, in the basement next to the bathroom making out with this hot guy. I pull away and wink.

“So did you talk to Kate about me? Or did you just figure out that I liked you?”

He responds back with, “I took the chance and didn’t know how you would react.”

We kiss again and hear some people coming downstairs and stop… and head back up to the party. Another round of drinks, and Jared and I are talking about a whole bunch of stuff. Once I start drinking I have the worlds smallest bladder. I head back down to the bathroom and Jared is waiting for me again.

He says “I can’t get enough of you”… I remember it so well because the look in his eyes was so lustful and cute. We head to a corner of the basement away from the bathroom doors and discover that the private party room is open and not in use. We use the room to our advantage and have a make out fest. Kissing, groping… it was hot. Hands went down pants and I think our belts came undone but with where we were we stopped ourselves before anything else happened. We were lucky because a bus boy walked in as we were just talking and asked us to head back upstairs.

While back upstairs I am talking to a few of my fraternity brothers and Jared stays with me, and hold my hand in front of them. It was a huge step for me to be able to do that in front of them and not have them care. One of Jareds friends is pretty drunk so he goes and helps her out of the bar.

One of my brothers, Phil D, says to me “JP, looks like you found a cute one eh?”

The other guys look at him and a whole conversation starts about how he was trying to make me feel more comfortable and doesn’t mind saying when another guy is cute.

Jared comes back inside and says that his friend is plastered and wants to head back out. He takes my hand and walks me out. Before we get to the door he stops, looks at me and gives me a kiss on the lips, nothing long , just a short kiss in front of all these other straight boys that were there.

Once outside we exchange numbers as his friend is dry heaving on the sidewalk. We walk away from them and turn the corner. We apparently made out for another 20 minutes. His cell phone vibrates in his pocket. It’s his friends wanting to get a cab home.

The next day he calls me and says that he is on his way to his parents house in New Hampshire and was only in NYC for the night. We talk on his way and I find out he lives in Virginia now. SIGH

We myspaced each other and sent a few messages back and forth. Too bad that he lives so far away.

That was a night I won’t forget about NYC. I was with some of my best guy friends and had a guy make a move on me. About a month ago he sent me a message and asked me how I was doing, said he just broke up with a guy after a few months of dating and was wondering how I was. I replied back and after looking at his profile again after almost a year I realized that he was a guy I would love to be with, but not right now because he lives so far away.

Check him out below and let me know what you think. Stay tuned for more looking back as I move and nothing else is really happening.


  1. dang it, you always get the hot reds, dude,i still remember florida dude.
    anyway, defintely cute, I had to adjust sittinig here at work reading your post. love that stuff. wow, so cool.
    yeah long distance sucks, i met a very awesome dude in Austin once, but why bother.
    hope the move is going well.

  2. Agreed, that dude it hot. How do you do it, man? Haha. Oh wait, by being awesome? Is that it?

    Nothing Golden Stays