Thursday, September 6, 2007

New Meadowlands

The Giants and Jets unveiled renderings of the new Stadium being built out in the Meadowlands of New Jersey. Back in May, I wrote on NYTD Blue that there was not much being said about the new Stadium.
The Giants/Jets partnership is the first of it's kind in the NFL. The $1.3 Billion Stadium will have a lot of features like LED and High Definition walls that will change with who is playing a game. Blue for the Giants and green for the Jets.
Take a look at the last site for more pictures. It looks like the new Stadium will be pretty sweet and I can't wait for it to be done.
For those who are not fans of the Giants and always love to point out that they play in New Jersey... I give you this...
- It will be closer to Times Square than Shea/Citi Field and will be a shorter train ride from Manhattan. (Yes, it will have a train line running out there)
- "Dallas" Cowboys play in Irving, Texas
- "Washington" plays in Landover, Maryland

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  1. A correction, please...

    Washington does not play in Landover, Maryland. They appear on a playing field in Landover, yet, they haven't played football since Danny-boy bought the team.