Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Rest of Vegas...


The guys from my chapter roll in and I meet up with them at our new place, The Palms. The place is amazing. The suite is on the 35th floor of the new Fantasy tower and has views of the old Palms tower and the mountains beyond out in the Nevada desert. We are pretty much in awe of the room that has a living room, 2 master bed rooms, 3.5 Baths and the showers are ridiculous. One has 7 shower heads, there is a jacuzzi and one that turns into a steam room that can fit about 4 people.

We head down to the pool and that is very fun. A DJ is pumping music out to the 2 pools that aren’t very deep and there are just hot people walking around, drinking and gambling.

That night we were VIP at the newest club at the Palms, MOON. It’s the top floor of the fantasy tower and the table we had was on the second floor balcony overlooking the large dance floor on one side and the Vegas strip on the other.

We had bottle service, I went up to random girls and said hello to them as I walked by. There were some girls from UCLA there who kinda fell in love with me when I was talking to them but introduced them to my brothers that were there.

Around 4am after the bar closed, I was feeling pretty drunk and decided to join my fraternity brother Jimmy down in the casino. He bought into high stakes poker and I decided to wander around the floor and stop by the 24Seven cafe. As I was walking by the Blackjack tables I see this really cute guy, who spills his corona. I kinda laugh and make a comment and continue to talk with said cute boy named Brent.

He is about 5’10”, brown spikey hair and roughly 180 lbs. I sit down and talk to him and he asks if I am going to play a hand... I say I am not a big gambler and besides, I am shitfaced.

He throws me $50 worth of chips. He smiles and says that I am playing this hand. So I put my $25 bet down and get my cards...

Double Aces. I put my other $25 down and hit blackjack. We keep talking and I keep winning money. After about a half hour, I want to cash out. I give Brent his $50 he gave me and he throws it back at me and says lets grab some food. So we go rab some food at the 24Seven and it’s pretty good. He asks me if I am staying at the Palms...

I had this feeling that he was into guys so I say how I am upstairs and with a bunch of fraternity brothers . As we leave and I head to the Fantasy Tower he follows me to the elevator and I flash my room key and the guard lets me by. I look at him and he comes with me upstairs. I hit Floor 35 and he says sweet how we have the top floor to ourselves. There is no one in the living room. Brent and I had some fun that night. But I woke up the next morning very happy.


Meetings for the fraternity begin. I look around and there are some hot guys all over the place. During the second breakout session I am sitting with an undergrad from my school and the speaker is talking about alumni involvement. An older guy behind me made a comment and I turned around to clarify something and sitting next to him was this incredibly hot guy. Blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and a knock out smile and dimple.

He smiles at me and we begin to talk. After the session is over I get lunch and head out to the pool with the Undergrad, Steve. We sit around the pool and there are just guys all over the place. In the shallow end of the pool there are, no joke, about 70 guys just hanging out. I am wearing a Giants hat as I sit by the steps of the pool and talk with random guys and Steve. The hot blonde comes right up to me and he asks what my name was again. His name is Alex and he has an even hotter friend named Zac.

The three of us talk, drink a few beers. I admire their bodies wit my sunglasses on. We keep talking and they decide to head up to the room before we have ritual that night.

After ritual they went out and hit up the strip and I headed to Ghostbar, another club at the Palms. I hang out with my fraternity bros and Alex text messages me asking how my night is going.


More meetings, voting and a bunch of other stuff. We hang out by the pool for a little bit drinking and hanging out at the Palms. Alex and I meet up and hang out for a bit. He had dinner plans with some alumni that were in the area.

Monday night we walked around Vegas and ended up at Ghostbar again to end our night.


Alex asks me if I am around and if we could meet up for lunch. We meet up and I bring along a bunch of guys. My buddy Chris asks me who this Alex guy is. I tell him the story of how we met and he tells me that he is really into me. I play it off and ask him to read some text messages. After reading the texts he tells me that he is really indeed into me.

That night we had our Grand Banquet and Alex called me to come and hang out in his room drinking before hand. Me wanting to spend a lot of time with my new crush I say yes and head to his room to drink. We drink, the banquet is amazing and right after it ends he calls me to ask what I was doing that night. We had VIP at MOON again Tuesday and were comped the evening of Bottle service. Alex and Zac come along and bring their fiend Roger along. We dance, drink and have a good time with the guys from my chapter and his chapter. Roger ended up getting a little too drunk that night and we had to get him back to his room before he did anything stupid.

While we were walking somehow both Alex and Zac brought up the fact that they had 8 inch cocks. I was like, WHAT? But they kept smiling at me.


Alex and Zac had a few hours to hang after checkout and asked if they could put their bags in my room while they wondered the strip. I was insanely hung over and decided to hang out by the pool while they walked the strip. They get back and I am hanging out in the room. Alex heads for my bed and lays down next to me. It’s too bad that there are other guys around.

Roger had a different flight that was early Thursday morning and wanted to know if he could crash in my room for a little bit before he had to leave for his flight.

We say of course. They hang out in the room for another few hours and Alex and Zac leave for their flight. Alex hugs me and asks me to stay in touch with him. (He added me on Facebook as soon as he got home)

That night, all the alumni volunteers and anyone else who was around went out to this Italian restaurant to celebrate the end of conclave and the election of our grand council. Very casual and pretty much just got drunk with everyone and had fun all along the way. We are chanting, screaming and singing songs in this place and alumni are getting people drinks. Roger comes along and I headed to the bathroom and he followed me there.

I am standing at the urinal and Roger comes in. After about 15 seconds of silence he tells me that he isn’t really comfortable around large groups of people he has never met before. Roger and I had really only known eachother for about 24 hours. I tell him not to worry and that he will be fine.

After dinner we head back to the hotel and crash in the room. I had been out EVERY NIGHT since getting to Vegas and the earliest I went to bed one night was 5:15am. I laid down in bed and fired up my laptop. I was tired. I just wanted to check email... read some NYC news, and catch up. Roger and I start talking and he is laying on the bed next to me.

We talk about Facebook and I bring up the site and he sees my profile and I show him my big brother and all of that. Suddenly he gets up and needs to make a few phone calls.

After about 10 minutes he comes back in and sits back down on the bed. I am reading about the Giants pre-season. I ask him what’s up and he looks at me and asks... “Are you gay?”

He has a really concerned look on his face. I look at him and tell him yes and say “does it matter?” He looks at me and struggles for the words to say and he BUSTS out crying. We talk. Over the next hour we are sitting there talking about ourselves, what we got out of the fraternity experience and he went into some detail about how he had a rough childhood and is not doing well with relationships.

The conversation turns and we talk about other stuff. Deep down I know he wants to tell me he is gay. We talk about the Catholic church and my beliefs. He is amazed that I talk to open about being gay. The conversation goes on and he does not come out but he does tell me that he was nervous about sharing a bed with a gay guy. I tell him it’s not like I am going to touch you while you sleep. Gosh.

We end up passing out and he wakes up for his flight and leaves me a text message saying thank you for everything.

There is some stuff that I left out of all these stories because what happens in Vegas, ya know, ends up on a blog. All I can say is that I had an amazing time with my fraternity brothers, met some cool good looking guys along the way and made some great contacts for jobs.

I am tired... worn out... and just want to sleep for days on end. Now I need to get back into the groove of applying for jobs and hope that something comes along and gets me off of these hours.

There will be some pictures after this post for you guys to look at. Hope you all have had a blast while I was gone.


  1. what? you're leaving out stuff? ha ha.. hey man that sounds like an AWESOME F-ing time. I was cracking up reading "but i woke up the next morning very happy"..... dang I'm all curious what does that mean?!?!?!? ha ha.
    anyway, good luck getting back into the work week. SHWEET sweet posting bud. later.

  2. DAMN dude! Sounds like an amazing vacation! You gotta send me pics of Alex and Zac..