Thursday, August 9, 2007

Binge err, Vegas Vacation

Well Everyone... I survived, almost, Las Vegas. It was my first trip and it was for a little pleasure and a little fun. The main reason I was out here was because of my fraternity's Conclave. There were 12 guys from my chapter that came out to party and help out our undergrad members with bringing the chapter to the next level.


I get out here to Vegas and go out with the guy I came out here with who I will call Shrek. Just imagine what Shrek looks like but without the personality. I know, I know... kind of mean but he is really annoying and just rubbed me the wrong way. We checked into the room for the first few nights and I sat by the pool and met this guy named Brad. He was out here for the same conference and was hanging out for a few days before everything started.

We decided to go get dinner down at Toby Keiths at Harrahs. We had these large yards of drinks that kicked Shrek's ass. He couldn't finish his, but Brad and I finished ours. From there we walked to Ceasars palace where we kept drinking and walking around having fun. This girl gave us VIP passes to this hip hop club at Ceasars and we went later that night. The place was bleh... we stayed for about an hour and then left for VooDoo Lounge at the Rio. This is the view from the VooDoo lounge. The place was awesome. The guys met some girls. Shrek was rejected and Brad was making out with a girl bigger than Shrek. Overall it was a fun night.


Friday I layed by the pool and just relaxed. I got to know Brad a little more, Shrek really annoyed me and we ended up doing a buffet dinner and hanging out at a dueling piano bar. Very cool time.

My buddies from school arrive and we are staying in PARADISE!. The Palms. We got upgraded to a SICK suite in the new Fantasy tower.

I am about to get on my flight home to New York... I will post more when I get home...

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  1. saturday? is the friday or?
    anyway, glad to hear you had an awesome time. I was dying laughing at the part about a girl bigger than shrek.. ha ha hah.
    so cool.