Thursday, August 16, 2007

About last night...

Last night before work, I met up with Billy to grab a drink. We met up at GYM down in Chelsea to talk about Vegas and his trip to LA. I walked in and the bouncer was VERY cute. Wearing a Gotham rugby shirt and looked YUMMY. Billy and I started out with beers and catching up on stories.

The bartender who was working was also yummy. About 6' 170 lbs, great chest and a short stuble beard that I also rock. I really wanted a Sam Summer and asked if they had it in bottle. They did not. Regular Sam it was. Over the course of the night we kept saying how cute the bartender was so I made a point to include him in our conversations when he was around us.

After my second beer he asked if I wanted another and I said no, "I have to go to work" With disgust he looked at me and asked "Where do you work all night?" I told him I worked for a morning show and he perked up and said he had a good friend who was also an anchor for my network. I have worked with this anchor for about 6 months now and know him also. We swapped stories and he gave me a free beer. Billy kept quiet admiring the bartender, whose name is Paul.

We kept talking to him and he bought us a shot before we left. I got to work feeling pretty good. I emailed the anchor that we both know and we talked about Paul. Let's see where this goes... if anything else, it could be a fun guy to visit and get drinks from.

Also, before I head to the gym before work... this random guy Friended me on Myspace who is friends with Erik as well. Very cute guy... listed as single... Damnit JP... stop trying so hard and jumping ahead of yourself.

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  1. You better go out on a date with him if you can. And at least take a picture of him with his shirt off.