Wednesday, July 18, 2007


So I have been meaning to put these pictures up... I did a little camera stalking of some cute guys this weekend. Cooper and I were hanging out at P.S.1 MoMA and I was getting bored. So here you go, some cute guys I snapped some pictures of and thought it would be fun to post.

These next two pictures were taken out at Water Taxi Beach. Cooper and I were talking about his red head friend, Darren, and we spotted this red head hanging out. We decided that he was straight, even though he was hanging out with a bunch of "hipster" guys and wasn't talking to many girls.
If you know him, please send him my way..
***If your picture is on here and you would not like to be here, please let me know and I will take it down. ***


  1. JP, I'm cracking up at the disclaimer, you're just too nice, buddy.... but I guess even of the tons of thousands of guys in NYC, you just never know who might see your blog afterall.. he he. I bet summer in NYC is awesome any weekend...later.

  2. im jealous i wasnt invited to the taxi beach...and me in queens. boo fucking hoo.

  3. The guy in the last two pictures looks *exactly* like someone in the office I used to work in. As far as I could tell, totally straight.