Sunday, July 15, 2007

So Far...

It's Saturday night and JP is sitting in bed at 12:30ish am. I can hear the gasps all the way in LA right now from readers. Well, I have had a VERY interesting weekend so far, I am laying in bed and wanted to share it with you guys so far...Friday after work I could not sleep. I had a softball game at noon in Central Park and had a really good time playing against another network's marketing department and kicking the crap out if them 27-5. After the game a bunch of us headed to this Irish place ( surprise) to get beers and burgers to celebrate the win.

First, what pissed me off is that this chick told me that the position that I am interviewing for on Monday, that has not been posted, has already been filled. I don't know if I believe her but I will stll go into this interview thinking that I will impress him very much.

Anyway, this guy who is our softball team captain and I have this flirty thing going on. Flirty looks, back rubs, words... emails... it goes on and on.

Anyway, we are sitting out on a balcony of an apartment and this girl is talking and looking away from us and he puls his shorts down a little but so I can see his "V" in his abs down to the base of his cock. Nothing else happened. It kinda sucks. He is very open and VERY confident.

I got back to my apartment at 9pm, hadn't slept yet so I passed out and woke up at 5am... crazy. I played softball yesterday and my first at bat I got a double on an error because the first basemen tripped me as I was going into first and I ripped up my right knee. It was bleeding and throbbing. I still played the rest of the game. Not bad. But my knee was killing me.
After the game, Cooper and I met up and headed to Queens to meet Davis McDavis at PS1 MoMA. It had a weird vibe and I had fun looking at some of the art inside. There were some cute guys walking around, and Cooper and I would just look at eachother and gawk at a few of them.
After the hipsters, wanna be hipsters and crazy people got old, we wanted to grab some food. Davis said his goodbyes and suggested Water Taxi Beach on the East River. It has spectacular views of NYC. Cooper and I started walking and talking and found some AMAZING views of NYC. I really didn't expect that area of Queens to be all that, but Long Island City, the area of Queens where we were at was very nice.

We get to Water Taxi Beach and the place is so much fun. Picture a beach bar, complete with sand and a Volleyball court, right on the East River with views of Manhattan as the sun is setting. My camera can't give the views justice. t was amazing.

We each got two hotdogs and just hung out enjoying the scene that was going on. There was a DJ and a lot of people just chilling out. It was sureal. We headed back into Manhattan and when we got off the Suway, Cooper had to go back to Queens to give his cat away... long story there, check his blog out for more on that. I made a few phone calls, had a beer at Vlada and my knee was killing me so bad that I came home to rest it. I have bandages all over my knee right now and it's killing me.

I am obsessed with the neon palm tree they had out there.

Who Doesn't love Volleyball players...

I am off to brunch with a VERY special guest here in NYC. He is visiting from Boston and used to be a blogger... More details later this Sunday... Stay Tuned


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend to me. Hope the interview goes well tomorrow and hope the knee feels better. Remember though, scars are sexy.

  2. For an early weekend, alot happened lol. It'll be interesting to hear how this softball guy thing progresses.

  3. "Scars are like tattoos but with better stories."

  4. That neon palm tree is so RAD! Next time I come to NYC, you will take me to it and I will buy the hot dogs.

    Nothing Golden Stays

  5. Yum, thanks for sharing the pictures!

  6. It was nice to meet you! I shoulda come with you to the Water Taxi place - it looks pretty!

  7. volleyball pics.... NICE! thanks JP.