Monday, July 16, 2007

Brunch with Micifus

Many people have asked me who I was having brunch with today. Well, it was none other than Micifus. Phil and I have been talking online and he told me he was going to be in new York last week and wanted to meet up and grab brunch today, Sunday. I woke up this morning called his cell phone, right to voicemail.

We got in touch and his cell phone had died so I made my way to his hotel and met him there. Phil greeted me with a BIG hug. He was still kinda sleepy and needed to shower.

We headed down to Chelsea to grab food and waited about 15 minutes for a table. Once we sat down we talked about him visiting NYC to see a friend from Chicago and what he thought about Spring Awakening. I also found out that we both have an obsession with Fried Calamari.

When you meet someone for the first time you get worried about awkward pauses and such, but not with Phil, it was like we had known each other for years. He is very easy to talk to and not to mention VERY handsome.

After we ate, we took a walk to Brooklyn Industries and did some window shopping. I am looking for a new messenger bag and they are VERY expensive there so I passed. I took him down to the village and showed him The Stonewall Inn and walked around the Village down to SoHo to check out the Apple Store and a few stores.

I got him to his bus and waited with him. There was a cute LAX player waiting in line that I hope he sat next to on his LONG 8 hour ride home. It was so good to meet Phil in person. It’s fun when you meet another blogger because you kinda know a little bit about them when you first meet in person. It’s getting that personal meeting down and seeing where it goes.

For those that have not read Phil’s blog, that is now closed but still online, I encourage all of you to take a read from the beginning. He is such a great writer and I hope all of you will be hearing from him soon.

The rest of my day was fun. I had a fundraiser for my softball league. So many nice guys that were there. It was held at Splash which isn’t really my kind of place but was GREAT for what was going on. There was a show (I wasn’t into it) and 2-1 beers.

I met a cute guy named Aaron who plays in my division. We flirted and exchanged numbers. We’ll see what happens. I asked him if he wanted to do anything this week, but he has a lot of stuff on his plate with work and was upfront about having a date this week. Not for nothing, he is a cool guy that I would love to hang out with again.

Hope all of you had a great weekend.. I sure did.


  1. cool, sounds like you guys had a fun time.



  3. You're just reeling them in. Send some of that guy meeting magic my way. LOL. Maybe I should join a softball league. I wonder if one exists in Pittsburgh.

  4. p.s. what is that thing that pops up when somebody comes to your site? is that tracking people somehow?

  5. heck yeah I miss his blog, maybe it's time for a re-read.... like the time he was in Poland and in the field and... ha ah.