Sunday, May 6, 2007

I've got a FEVER....

and I wish more cowbell would help me out and make me feel better. I am laying in bed with sweatpants and a hoodie and I am still cold... then I break out into hot flashes. It kinda sucks. My sister graduates from college tomorrow out in New Jersey, I am very proud of her and she is moving into NYC this summer to go to grad school at Fordham.

My other sister is already almost done with grad school... and I work in television. Seriously, do they need so many degrees to work with children in schools?

I know a lot of you look forward to reading about my weekend shenanigans. I have got numerous e-mails from guys who live outside of New York who say that they wish they could have a weekend like mine sometimes. Honestly, I am having a lot of fun, but I do need to be cautious. I saw my friend Marissa last night at a roof top Margarita party in Chelsea. Some of her friends from high school live there and it's an amazing apartment. The guys are straight so don't think I am going to rooftop circut parties or anything. Marissa and I caught up on a lot of stuff and she is super paranoid that I am not being "safe". I rolled my eyes and told her that I am always safe and that I would never be that stupid.

Around 11:30 I headed to this place called Zanzibar for my friend Mary's birthday party. People from work all hanging out and drinking. It was a great time. Mary was surprised to see that i showed... "Thought you would have had better things to do. I didn't go to yours (birthday party) I hugged her, told her I wouldn't miss it because she is awesome (she really is) and partied there. Zanzibar is over in the "Hells Kitchen" area of Manhattan, which also has an up and coming gay bar scene. The three girls I was hanging out with left to head home. I wasn't feeling too hot but still wanted to hang out a little more. I headed to Therapy (the bar).

It was DEAD. This is the 2nd time I have been there in the past 2 weeks and it was dead. I guess it was just horrible timing. Oh yeah, I am by myself. I headed over to Vlada which I have written about before. It's a cool place, never really been dissappointed there. I made out with a guy from London a few months ago and we have kept in touch via Myspace so if I get tickets to see the Giants play in London I have a free place to crash.

Anyway, I order a drink from a good looking bartender nammed Jason. Eye him a little bit and head upstairs. Upstairs is usualy really crowded on Saturday nights. It was crowded and I wasn't feeling it upstairs. I headed back down to the front of the bar. Eyeing some guys, just scoping out the scene, my phone vibrates, it's Tony asking where I am at. I text him back and don't hear anything the rest of the night.

After I finish texting I notice the back of a guys head a few people down at the bar. His back is to me and I can't see his face. I think it's my buddy Rob so I text him. I see him take his phone out and look around. I head over and he is excited to see me.

Rob and I met through mutual friends. He is a big time Giants fan. We have hung out a few times, talked on the phone and nothing really ever clicked between us as far as taking it past a friendship. He is a sweet guy, funny and always talkative in a good way. We caught up on stuff that had happened that night and then out of nowhere this guy taps me on the shoulder. He is my friend from home's college roomie. I show up to a bar alone and run into two guys I know from Connecticut. Kinda funny. Anyway, he introduces me to his friend Rich who is good looking and we talk. He went to Hofstra, just moved down near Wall Street and is leaving for vacation on Monday. We talk the rest of the night till last call and then we exchange numbers and I ask him if he would like to grab dinner or lunch sometime. He agrees and I head home, drunk on cinco de mayo, seeing my friends, re-uniting with old friends and meeting new friends.

Overall, great weekend... just wish that I wasn't feeling so lousey. I will prolly call out sick tonight from work so I can go to my sisters graduation and have some kind of energy. I should not have drank last night, but it was worth it.

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  1. as usual...
    sounds awesome stud. yadda yadda.... keep it up!, but do get some rest and get well soon man. later.