Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Dating Game

Loyal readers know that I am on this quest to find a guy. I gave up for a short time and right now I would love to have someone, but know that it can't be forced and that when it happens it will happen. I mentioned Rich down in the post below this as a guy I met last night. A Long Island Italian who is an actor in his spare time, enjoys sports and works in food importing. I always thought that food importing meant that you were a drug lord. He does not seem like the drug dealer type so I think I am safe from the wrath of a cartel coming after me if something bad happens.

There has been the red head down in Florida, Jesse, who wants to move to NYC. Kevin from Queens/Long Island who is moving to the East Village who wants to meet up when he moves back in the city. I doubt we will, I have tried, he never calls back and is more of the late night booty drunk call that most can relate to.

So, what is the meaning of this post? It's a guy named "Sam". I have mentioned him before on here. Not under the name Sam but will use it for this post. Sam and I met on a dating site. Not a hookup site that gross me out right now. An actual dating website that I joined a few weeks ago before I left for vacation. I set up my profile, picked my pictures with the help of a few readers and see what happened. I emailed a few people but this guy Sam sent me a message.

His profile did not have any pictures up. In his message he said that he doesn't like being judged by a few pics but by what he had to say. I was intrigued. I sent him a message back said that I agree and that I haven't had the much luck, blah blah blah.

we e-mail back and forth for about 2 weeks. One night my plans with Tony fall through and I meet Sam for a drink on the UES. We talk... find out we have a lot in common and he invites me back to his apartment for a night cap. I didn't plan on spending the night but I did. No sex was had, we were good boys. The next day he had family stuff he needed to take care of and we parted ways. We texted over the next few days, called every so often and then I went on vacation after not hearing from him for about 2 weeks.

He calls me while I was in the Magic Kingdom and we talk. About 20 minutes later he tells me to have fun on vacation and to call him when I get back into town. I get back. Call. Nothing back . I shoot him an email. Nothing. I called once more and just asked when he was up to this weekend. Nothing. yesterday I get back from my softball game and see an email waiting for me. It's Sam.

from the e-mail...

Sorry that I have been out of touch. This week was another killer. Ended up drinking the night away with my friend...I do have to let you know that I would like to still hang out with you however I am kind of seeing someone that I had met a few months back. We are not serious but I guess I can only handle seeing one person at the same time. I barely have time for him, and that is something that I am trying to work on. Sorry if I sound like a jerk, because I do like you but I had to let you know where I stand with someone else right now. Don't want ot give the wrong impression.

My first thought was that he was upfront about seeing someone. I like honesty in someone. I also think it was hard for him to let me know that he was seeing someone. Second thought was, just confsion. I thought we had something good going.

On the bright side, I met a guy last night who wants to meet up for a drink and dinner when he gets back from vacation and have been flirting with a guy who I met a few days ago. I'm lucky to be living in a city where there is a chance for me to meet guys. I know there are places where the gay population is not large and there is not much to choose from. I am going to nurse this cold/allergies/plauge and hope to get better. I am on AIM and bored.

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  1. that guy is a loser!!!
    nah j/k. still though, it sucks.
    however, you are obviously charming the socks off of someone new every weekend so keep going at it. you're right about that big city with plenty to choose from. hell yeah they are out there and you are getting out and tracking them down man. hope you get well soon. later.