Thursday, April 5, 2007

a post from tony

Tony pointed out that I have been lame with posting to the website because I have been so busy with other things such as work and finding a new job. So, here is the post Tony wrote for me as "me"


dear loyal readers
i am a douche bag and i care more about my job than your blogging entertainment
i smell like cabbage and i like butt
dog butt
i cant wait until firehouse dog the movie comes out cause im LAME like that
wish me luck in LALA land
PS if you give me peanut butter i pee my pants -- its just a thing i do
PSS i was raped by peter pan when i worked at walt disney world


I hope you enjoyed the post.


  1. Lol. nah. actually i'm impressed with how frequently you write. much better blogger than me in that respect.

  2. haha that's awesome . .
    I always wondered what Peter Pan was packin in his pants . .but then again I thought he was a girl .. or somethin' in between - like Mikey Jackson. Ew

    Ok ok . anway Tony's post is my favorite - he wins a prize!