Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I joined a softball team here in New York, on the advice of a reader. He had IMed me about the softball team and gave me the e-mail address of the team captain. I shot him an e-mail and at 10:30am on Sunday Morning I met a few of the guys and we had practice in Central Park.

It was great to get out of my apartment for a few hours and do some fielding, play catch and hit some balls. I cranked a few deep which was nice and made some good catches.

I think this will be a good time this spring/summer.

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  1. Softball is fun. I didn't make it to local try-outs this year becuase of a snowboard injury. Hence, I ended up getting placed on the "new" team. A friend switch teams to keep me company. Aside from he and I, no one else on the team has played before. It's going to be a messy season.

    Moral: Don't miss try-outs.