Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Handsome: Saturday

I woke up Saturday, hung over as all hell and did not get out of bed until about 11am. Did my usual bathroom trip, glass of water and sat down on my futon. I saw my cell phone on the coffee table and checked to see if anyone had called me. I had 4 missed calls from what I thought was work. I checked the voicemail and I had one from Grant wondering if I wanted to hang out and grab lunch. I was excited, but I didn’t have his number, it came up private on caller ID.

He left the name of his hotel on the voicemail and I called the hotel and left a message for him. He called me back and we set a time to meet, 1pm by the subway station by his hotel.

I eventually make it down there after figuring out that the local “C” train was running express and the express “D” train was running local… seriously what the fuck. I made it there and we decided to take a walk by the Hudson River because it was fairly nice out.

We talked about how “American” Australia is and the differences in slang words. Talked about his double life in Australia and how he had guys who were interested in him, but he wouldn’t date. We talked about a lot of stuff and walked down to Chelsea piers and watched a soccer match. Then headed to China Town, little Italy and South Street Seaport.

Next we headed to the World Trade Center. I don’t make a habit of going down to the WTC unless I am taking the PATH from down there. We walk up to the fence and there is this heavy feeling. It’s just a very sad place. I showed him around and explained where the towers once stood and what it looked like before 9/11/01.

We walked up Broadway and didn’t stop until we were up in the West Village. On our walk up I got a text from Jacob, who works more than I do 7 days a week, he was going to meet up with us later on. We went to a diner and I explained to Grant the JOYS of a late night, drunk diner experience from high school to now.

That night, Jacob met up with us and we made a stop at the Gin Mill on the UWS of Manhattan first. It’s a “straight” bar that is a sports bar/college bar/dive bar. We played a round of beer pong and decided to go to a gay bar downtown.

We headed to Therapy, which was okay. Then after a drink headed toVlada. It was a good time, great conversation and a weekend I was really gad to have. We parted ways late Saturday night in front of his hotel and I leaned in and gave Grant a goodbye kiss. We talked about a trip to Australia next year and he said “You have a free place to stay”. Jacob and I are going to take him up on the offer.

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  1. SWEET! that is awesome he called and you got serious hang time. I'll take that over a one nighter and day. hope you feeling better and good week to ya.