Thursday, March 29, 2007

On Time

Yesterday I got a little annoyed with someone I was interviewing with for a position here at the network. My roommate found out about the opening before it got posted so I was able to jump on the inside track. I emailed back and forth with the senior producer about the position and the earliest she could meet was yesterday at 11am.

I get out of work early at 7am and get home to take a nap before I have to talk to this woman. I had been up since 4:30pm the previous day. Before work I went to the gym, got some food and worked on a spec script I have been tooling around with.

I fall asleep and have some strange Goonies like dream that I write down to remember because it has got to mean something, wake up, get dressed and head down to the office.

I get in about 15 minutes early, print out my resume and get ready to go kick ass on the interview. I go up to the office about 5 minutes early and sit in the assistants area, though, no one is there. 11 rolls around and no sign of anyone… 11:05…11:10…

I go to the office door and knock. No Response. I try the handle and it’s locked. She’s not in there. I sit back down at the desk outside and fire up the computer to see if she might have sent and email from her blackberry saying she is late. Nothings


I think to myself, it’s ok, she is running late. My HR manager walks by and asks me what I was doing. I explain the situation and she says the position is perfect for me. Lots of involvement with video and travel to different locations across the US.

11:25… 11:30

I am emailing my friend who is an assistant at the 6:30 National News Broadcast and she gives me advice that I should send her an email saying that I waited for about a half hour and she didn’t show up and if she could reschedule.

11:35… I send the e-mail and wait….

11:45… no response so I head back down to my spot at the news desk, sign in.

11:50… 11:55 still nothing. Now I am pist off, and hungry.

12:03.. she responds with “I got tied up, how about tomorrow at 11?”

So today I have my interview with her and get to go though it all again, prepare myself and such. I think I will go to the gym to work up some energy and take some frustration out. Wish me luck, I’ll give you guys an update later on today.

ALSO… I have a “date” on Friday night so I have that to look forward to.


  1. How frustrating. The she could have done was sent you a quick email or text that she wouldn't be able to make it. Oh well, I hope it goes well for you!