Friday, February 2, 2007

Yalies and Naked Calendars

Yale seems to have a knack for getting it’s undergrads to pose naked for various publications on campus. Yale’s RUMPUS magazine has it’s Yale’s 50 Most beautiful people in the works. Like past issues, there will sure to be many a hot athlete naked with a book or tie blocking their groin area. Mostly the guys that pose without a shirt are allowed to do so because they have pec’s and abs to show off to other Yalies with hopes of getting more ass than they usually do. Anyway, why all this talk of that Ivy League school in Connecticut, because this girl who I work with went to Harvard and LOVES to talk about the Ivy’s Yale/Harvard have a rivalry that goes back to the 1800’s. Who has the better campus, who has the bigger trust fund, who has the most controlling secret societies and of course who has the hottest men.

Well, IvyGate has a posting of a calendar of some Yalie’s that “bared” all for the calendar. I posted a few of the pictures from the site below the post. I guess I am getting geared up for heading back to New Haven for the weekend where there are always hot Yalies running around being “wicked smart” and stuff. If any of you have hot guys you want to share from your school feel free to send me pictures from Facebook and or pictures from Calendars that are posted at your school.

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