Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ryan Carnes

Just thought I would share some eye candy with you all... I have been feeling kind of bleh lately... Well, these past two days I have been working a lot. I had an extra shift added on to my usual 5 day work week. So, some of you IMed me during the night wondering why I was online, on a Friday night... that is why. This is for all of you still awake at 5am!!!

if Ryan Carnes and I were to meet in person, I may pop a boner regardless of where I am...


  1. def hot hot hot, hope you're doing all right. are you looking for a job, and writing, and working? just wondering. take care. later.

  2. love it... check out Ryan in "Surf School"... loads of great shirtless scenes with him...

    with you totally about Ryan.

    - p.