Tuesday, February 13, 2007

All I can think about...

Is how I need to get myself ready for beach season. I have been looking a lot of pictures of hot guys and realize that I have to whip my ass into shape for the summer. Figure June will be the start of heading to the beach, my goal is to lose the winter beer belly I have and tone up for the summer.

Anyone with suggestions should send them my way. I have been working my ass off the past few days (yes, even the weekend) and want everyone to know that I am back posting at the normal pace.


  1. can i just say it is soooo refreshing to find a blog from a guy who seems like a regular JOE....every body thinks that were all just a bunch of fem's and to a large degree many personify that but its not true. Thanks again this blog is great skeltonsway@aim.com

  2. It's simple, JP. Just lay off any alcohol through the week, eat nutritiously and less than 1500 calories a day. Oh, and run 5 miles a day..2.5 before work and 2.5 after. You'll be in shape in no time. Now, If I could just follow my own advice, I'd turn my case into a 6-pack.


  3. I am sooo outa shape but it's snowboard season that I'm dealing with. Just had a lesson with a VERY cute 20 yo str8 boi instructor, introducing me to tricks. Wow, I can feel the pain in my groin and legs as I don't do those jumps and Ollies and stuff.

    Alcohol is absolutely the enemy of a good bod. (dammit) Balance your diet, cardio, weight training and yoga and you will have the summer made!

  4. yoga?... nah j/k
    keep it up man, just make it part of your weekly routine and stick with it. good luck though I know you keep busy. later.