Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Alumni Weekend

I was talking with my little brother Jesse (from my fraternity TKE) about alumni weekend up at school. It's the weekend of my 26th birthday (I am fucking old). What is cool is that they are inviting alumni back to watch games at the new Arena that opened on campus. I'm pretty excited about getting up there and seeing everyone. What's cool, is my fraternity turns 40 years old during the alumni weekend, so we have a reception being put on by the school.

One of our alumni is a big wig at an Oil company and donates a lot of money. So, we get a reception on my birthday then will go out and party with a bunch of guys that mean so much to me. Jesse is letting me stay in his apartment that weekend, on an air mattress. Not bad eh. I can't stay with the active brothers, I wouldn't survive. LoL.

Anyway, just a bright spot after my last post!

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