Thursday, December 21, 2006


I was looking through a bunch of stuff I had written a few months ago and found some thoughts I wrote almost 4 months ago. I had totally forgot about it and thought it was definitely a look into someone who seriously gave up on what I wanted to do. That my friends is work in the entertainment side of television.I did something I never thought I could do... I got comfortable.

There is a girl here that has been working my same shift and doing the same job for 5 years. Yes... 5 years... same entry level job, same pay, same thing over and over again. She is a sweet girl, someone I consider a great friend because I have hung out with her outside of work many times. But, 5 years in the same entry level position? I don't know howshe is doing it.

What sucks is that she has been up for promotions but turned them down because it was a "promotion" but the promotion meant a significant loss in pay. You ask, Why am I talking about all? I was reading though my email and saw a Job Posting for a position that I had applied for about 4 months ago. I have applied for the position no joke 4 times already. It is still an entry level position but has better hours than I do now.

The last time I applied I did 2 interviews. The first and then a followup to see if I was the right fit for the position. This had happened the previous time for the position and usually after 4 or 5 months the person was fired for not doing a good job, but had qualifications that certain producers liked in this position. Tall, blonde hair, blue eyes,large chest and was a former intern for the show. I feel like I know what all of you are thinking... " stop applying for the position." I mean, there could be a reason why I have not got the position in the past. I was told to my face that I was one of two people they were looking at and in the end these girls were chosen over me.
What I do know, Is that I need a change. My parents are going to be in town tonight. Going to see a basketball game at Madison Square Garden and then go to dinner. I think I may try to figure stuff out the next few weeks.

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  1. it s a good time of year for a change--hmm-- you probably know what you really want to do, is it the acual type of job or just the different hours that is motivating you? If people keep not working out in that position, are you sure it's a challenge you also want to face? if new people keep getting hired that you are equal to then who knows what the reason is. ( I've had my extra night job for 5 years now, and man it cuts into my social life completely, but pays so good for doing so little so I hear you about the comfortable thing. but I hope to change it up some next summer and quit the night job and maybe teach some junior college night classes a couple times a week.. not sure yet what I want) anyway, just things to consider oh wise night owl. later.