Friday, December 29, 2006


So, yesterday I worked 12 hours. Longer than I wanted to work. After work I had to meet up with my NEW roommate that I am moving in with. Yes, we found a place. It's a few blocks down from where I am now. Nice, big place on Amsterdam Ave here in New York. So I got back to my apartment at about 11ish. I fell right asleep and didn't wake up until 9pm.

I shower, check my e-mail and there is an e-mail from Double Lifer:

dude, MSG 6.30, hofstra vs St Joe's and then BU vs St John's... tickets fell into my lap, but you're not around. gotta know by 4.45, or else, im just gonna give them back.

I was so pissed off. I really wanted to go and see those games. St. Johns ended up beating BC (fuckers left the Big East for what?) But, the things I miss for having a night job.

I should clarify my frustrations with my job. First, I enjoy what I do. I get a lot of responsibility and am asked to do a lot more than anyone else on my level. For that I am happy. Second, MOST of the people I work with are VERY NICE. Including the talent (anchors) that I work with on a daily basis. They are very nice, and are always willing to sit down and talk about my future and where I could possibly go after this position.

What I don't like are the hours. I feel like over the last 2 years I have missed out ona lot because I am working at night. I am told that the experience is something to take and run with. I guess all I have left to do is take off and run to the dayside shifts.

I have a lead for a job at Touchstone Television, but will probaly jinx myself for writing about it here. I am crossing my fingers.

I am looking forward to this weekend. I am hanging out with Sully to celebrate becoming one of New Yorks Finest. That may be a Saturday Night celebration at "Off the Wagon" or "Jakes dilemma" both awesome college type bars here in New York.

Friday night is looking to be a fun night. I will explain later on but I am VERY EXCITED for Friday night.


  1. What's on Friday, eh? Hot date? hehehe

    Congrats on the new apartment (one less worry, right?!) and on the possible lead (you are bound to get it, your 2 years of blood, sweat and tears at your current job should put you right up there)!

    Happy for you JP!

    As for missing the games...I think we'd want a well rested JP than a grumpy JP, right? heh ;)

    Well, TTYL!


  2. BU lost to St. Johns, not BC. BU was never in the Big East, BC left two years ago.

    As to why BC left the Big East, there are lots of reasons, most having to do with football and the direction the big east was heading in.