Thursday, December 7, 2006

"The Prom"

My shows holiday party is Friday (tomorrow) and I feel like it is the professional version of the prom. You have to make sure you have your tickets, girls are getting their hair done and buying new outfits to wear, and the buzz is everywhere around the staff. People asking "are you going?? do you have a date??"

I have an extra ticket and no date. I even tried asking my friends on facebook and myspace if anyone wanted to go. I like going to events stag. My best friends wedding in October I went stag... My fraternity formal I went stag and had a great time at both. I did not have to babysit anyone and I am a bit of a spaz in those situations when I get drunk. I mean, I wouldnt mind taking Ryan from the OC because he is looking good these days. Even though the show is sucking ass.

Anyway, I am looking forward to it and after I may go out with Irish Mike again. He wants to go to this bar called The Ritz. I guess my fall back will always be going to GYM later on if there are a god ammount of people there. Time will only tell.


  1. JP-
    Have fun at the prom :-), hope you get lucky with the prom king later on. Make sure you fill us in when you get home.

  2. aww i'd go with you if i were in new york ! lol, i love proms ;D

  3. I like the ritz. the music isn't as loud as other bars, and you can actually talk to people

  4. is GYM a bar, sounds like you'll be having some fun regardless, enjoy!

  5. I went to GYM once when I was vacationing in NYC...I'm from LA and there was a Dodgers-Mets playoff game on and I was proudly wearing my Dodgers jersey...I was the only Dodgers fan there, as both my friends were pussies and wouldn't cheer with me. Needless to say, I was loudly booed for most of the night...but I made out with a handsome Puerto Rican Mets fan! Dodgers lost....:(