Monday, December 11, 2006

The Morning After...

This weekend was filled with fun and a LOT of laying down in bed. No, not that way. The holiday party (aka The Prom) was a LOT of fun. I started the night, walking into The China Club and saw a guy that I have known here since I was an intern. There have been rumors floating around that he was bi. I know, very high school of everyone. But I have concluded that I am in high school all over again trying to make my way up the ladder.

Anyway, I drank, danced and drank at the party. After it was all over and they stopped with the open bar (hint: they started using plastic cups) A bunch of drunk people were trying to figure out where they were going. No one could decide so I decided to wonder off by myself and try to meet up with Irish Mike.

I ended up at GYM down in Chelsea again because I mean, why not. I had already danced and had fun with co-workers who most likely went home after the party was over. I so I walked in, grabbed a red bull and vodka and sat at the bar. I noticed this guy sitting next to me. He was cute, I was drunk (reminds me of college) so I went over and started making conversation.

Turns out, as we were talking, we both did the Disney College Program and he lived in the same apartment building as my best friend Erik did, but at different times. It was crazy. So we shared the Disney connection and turns out he works for a magazine here in NY and GYM is his local hangout.

His cell phone kept vibrating on the bar until he got tired of it and put it in his pocket. We kept talking about the UFC fight they had on one of the projection screens and how it is the “gayest sport ever” I love hearing some of my fraternity brothers go nuts over these fights. Guys in spandex shorts hitting and grabbing each other. It’s very homoerotic and for some reason, straight guys love it. As a straight acting gay guy, I don’t know how I feel about the “sport” of bashing each other while shirtless. Either way, we made good conversation. We talked about where we went to school and he asked me how old I was. He’s 29, turning 30 in a few days and I am 25. he kept saying how he felt old, but he had this young look to him.

If I could describe him, he was about 5’9” brown hair, bluish eyes (it was dark and I was kinda drunk so I could be wrong) As our conversation went on he kept looking at me directly in the eyes. I was getting pretty turned on by it. He got up to go to the bathroom and did something I did not expect. He put his hand on my inner left thigh and wanted to make sure that I would still be here when he got back.

At that point I felt pretty good. I was having a good night… celebrated a years worth of work and drank free booze… ended up at a bar talking to a guy that I had a LOT in common with and he was making some moves on me. My confidence was up, I was feeling good (even without the booze I would have been feeling pretty good about myself)

He gets back we keep the conversation going and then it happened. He came out with a a line that shocked me a little bit. It was something along the lines of…

“You are so cute, I’m trying hard not to hook up with you.”

Why was he trying so hard to NOT hook up with me. It didn’t last long because a minute later he leaned in and made out with me. We were kissing and I said how I hate PDA and he laughed. After our second kissing round he told me he had a boyfriend who lived outside of New York. He said they have an “Open Relationship”

I don’t get how guys can have open relationships. I mean, how can you say you love someone and then go around and just make out and hook up with random guys. It turned me off a little bit, but he kept leaning in and kissing. When he leaned in and we shared a kiss, I could feel his phone vibrating and it was his boyfriend. He didn’t pick it up but was taking off to go talk to him.

We didn’t exchange numbers, we just kinda left it at that. He asked me to walk him out so I did. We got outside and he leaned in and we kissed. He told me that GYM is his local hangout and I should stop by again to say hello.

The rest of Friday night is a blur. I met up with irish Mike at a bar and met some really snotty people. I do remember this VERY feminine guy talking to me. He made conversation by asking me how big my dick was and if I wanted to go home and fuck him. It was a big turn off… and he was from San Diego and I hate the Chargers. I told him that and he was like “eww sports. I just like to shop.”

Needless to say, I left after that and went home. I got home, signed online and this guy from home IMed me. He is from my hometown but went to the all guys prep school. He is really cute and we were chatting. The first thing he said was “why haven’t we hung out yet in the city???” (I still had the Im open on Saturday morning so I can quote him)

We go back and forth chatting and the next thing I know he is in a cab heading for my apartment. He came over, we had some fun, no sex, but had some naked fun time in my bedroom. He got awkward after and wanted to head home to be in his own bed.

It kinda sucked but I passed out right after he left.

So that was my Friday. I know… a really long post about Friday… but it was a long day.

I will write about Saturday in a little bit, for now it’s back to work.

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  1. Um, I think we're kinda twins. Because I've had the same dam thing happen with people at bars before.

    It's like WTF?! I think guys with BF's should be labeled so we can find the single 'mos sooner.

    When you coming to Boston?