Monday, December 4, 2006

My Weekend

There are times when you make bad decisions over the course of a weekend and you realize them the morning after when nursing a hangover and not being able to do the things you wanted to do that day. Well, Friday night was one of those nights I will look back to for a short time and think just that.

After working on Friday I went to the gym, came home and started doing random chores around my room. I did some laundry and then fell asleep. I woke up, ate some food, showered and went off to have a night out with my friend Irish Mike.

Irish Mike and I went to school together. He’s a few years younger than me, but a fun guy to hang out with. We started at this bar called Barracuda. I had been wanting to go out to a gay bar for a while because I know that I need to meet more gay people in my life. There was a rather broad group of people there. Some were very attractive, others not. Mike and I talked and got caught up on each others jobs, people from college that we mutually knew and then started scoping out the scene.

A tall guy with dark hair walked in with a girl. He must have been around 6’5”. He was a very good looking guy. Athletic, looked like he played sports and still kept in great shape. He had my eye most of the night until he was joined by a friend who was about the same height and had blondish hair. This tall guy was about the same age as the other, mid twenties. They were very touchy with eachother but did not leave together. I wanted to talk to them but did not.

We decided to leave that bar and head over to GYM sports bar. Now at this point, I had little in my stomach and had already had about 6 drinks. I had another 2 at GYM and met this guy nammed Brad. I did not find out until later that he was 38 years old. We ended up making out all over the place, which was fun. He was good looking, so why not.

Besides the making out, that was it. I got home at about 5:30am and couldn't sleep. I ended up waking up at 9:30am and doing chores around my apartment and going to see the new James Bond movie which I loved.


  1. So the drinking was the bad idea? Because the rest of the night sounded like a pretty good night. Catching up with a friend, oogling the eye candy, making out with a good looking guy...

    Of course, perhaps my perspective is a bit skewed living here in rural Michigan.

  2. I'm a lot older than 38 and continually amaze myself with the younger guyz who I hookup with. With age comes wisdom but somehow I don't think most of them are looking very far ahead.

    More on the wisdom part: I realized long ago that I have more fun when I'm not drunk. I don't like pain the next morning. I like to enjoy Saturday and Sunday mornings (as opposed to waking at noon.) Also, I have my wits about me and lose fewer social opportunities.

    You'll probably enjoy your next twenty-something years better than the first.

  3. Both Barracuda and Gym are fun bars -- and as a sports guy you should appreciate that Gym at least pretends to be a sports bar (though it doesn't seem like many of the guys are watching the games on the TVs -- hee hee).

    And I say this as someone who has only visisted New York. You're lucky to be living there. Sounds like you had success at Gym if you made out with a hot guy.