Sunday, December 31, 2006

Jump on a Bandwagon!

If you are an NFL fan and your team did NOT make the playoffs OR you don't have a team to root for, the NFL has a way for you to choose a team to root for in the playoffs. go to and turn up your volume.

Pick a team from the list that you root for OR the closest team to your city. Answer 5 questions and the NFL will have you jumping on a teams bandwagon. It's really funny because the announcer is a classic NFL Films voice over guy who says some funny stuff as you answer questions to determine whose bandwagon you will be jumping on.

If you do try this, leave a comment for me and let me know who your team is.

And by the way, My New York Football Giants made the playoffs and I am not excited. They head to Philly next week (who is killing Atlanta right now 17-10) Whoopty Doo, we made the playoffs... I mean, The Giants beat Philly in Philly in Week 2. Lets just hope we show up to play!

PS- All Time... The Giants are 2-1 against the Eagles in the Playoffs.


  1. JP, Congrats on the Giants making into the post season. Everything happened for my Titans to make it in except one thing....they lost. Oh, well, such is life. It's hard to say how they will do against a McNabbless Eagles offense, but I hate Philly, so I hope it pans out for em. Anyway, I hope you have a great New Year!!!


  2. JP, this is awesome. It's hilarious too. Since I grew up around Detroit, I definitely have to jump on a bandwagon every year. The first time I ran through it, I got New England. Which is pretty funny because I do root for them since Tom Brady is a Michigan alum (not to mention so fuckin hot). the second time through gave me Seattle, who I definitely do not like.

    Since I could care less about the Eagles, I'll root for the Giants in your honor.