Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Dante's Cove

I was walking in Chelsea not too long ago and saw this ad for "Dante's Cove". I was on Netflix and it came up like last week, so I moved the first season to the top of my list and I got it on Saturday. Yesterday after work, I was inLink such a bad mood that I decided to throw the first disc in and watch it. It seemed sexy and I needed something that would put me in a better mood. Well, I fell asleep in the middle, and that is not a knock on the movie/series at all.

I really enjoyed the show. It has a high production value and is a Gay/Lesbian mix of 90210, The OC, Melrose Place and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The one character that I really liked and connected with was Kevin. I will add an entry on him because he is really hot that he deserves his own link. Anyway Here is the description from IMDB and some pics and a video that is NSFW.

from IMDB

Plot Summary for
"Dante's Cove" (2005)

In the nineteenth century, Ambrosius Vallin, a gay man out for revenge against a coven of witches called the "Tresum", woos the witch Grace, hoping that by marrying her he can learn the coven's power and use it against them. On their wedding night, Grace finds Vallin en flagrante with their butler, kills the butler and imprisons Vallin himself in the dungeon beneath her home, keeping him trapped in the body of an old man, never to be released or have a proper death until he can obtain the love of a young man. In the modern day, Grace's former home is now an apartment complex. Toby and his new boyfriend, Kevin, find themselves being used as pawns in a deadly game of revenge between Ambrosius and Grace.

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  1. Ok, I've been a total slacker. I'm just now catching up on the blog. Its funny I just watched the first disc of this about two weeks ago and here you are posting about it. I thought it was pretty good. The guys are real good lookin and did you see the schlong on the butler!? Holy Cow. Not a bad show at all