Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Best Looking athletes

Double Lifer has a link to Sports Illustrated's Best looking Athletes. I can't believe I missed that. I was checking it out and agree with him that they could have put a better picture of Matt Leinart on there. He really is one of the best looking athletes in all of sports. Not to mention he is a player in every sence of the word.

Here are some of the guys that I liked from the list:

Andy Rodick - I think I have that blazer... There are times when he is really hot and times where he is REALLY ugly. I don't know why that is...

Jeremy Bloom - Hottest man alive

Jose Theodore - A hockey player I need to watch more of.. on and off the ice.

David Carr - He plays for the Texans, which sucks because they haven't put any money or good players into the team and they passed on reggie Bush. Carr could get out and go somewhere else and THRIVE! He is married, has three sons who will be VERY nice to look at once they hit 18... I will bet on it.

Rafael Nadal - a tennis player that reminds me of Atreyu from the Never Ending Story.

Jesse Palmer - Ok, he isn't a pro athlete anymore because he does Color Commentary on Fox but he is still fun to look at. Plus he was the Bachelor.

Reggie Bush - damn he is hot. He knows it too

Tom Brady - Imagine if Tom Brady and Jeremy Bloom dated? The gay world would have a power couple right there. Plus they would break the stereotype.

Check out SI's page for pictures of the guys and others on the list.

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