Wednesday, November 8, 2006


This is my debut post. I guess I should really introduce myself. I am calling myself "Jesse". First of all, I am doing this because the "Company" I work for is very "bleh" when it comes to blogging. I also want to be able to let my frustrations out about where I work without giving away my employer. I am sure down the line I will say "FUCK THAT" and just go for the gold and start naming names. At that point, I hope to have a new job.

I live in New York. I went to college in Pennsylvania, Florida and graduated from a school in Connecticut. So NYC is simply "The City" as we call it here in the Tri-State. I should have been a New Yorker at birth, but I guess Bridgeport will have to do.

I have been a blog reader for a long time. Never really got into blogging. I tried blogging on my "myspace" page but I just left the posts there to rot. I am addicted to Facebook and Myspace. While I am at work, I am constantly checking to see new pictures of people I am friends with as well as checking out the many guys that I know online.

To people's suprise I am gay. Now, I say this because in high school, I played Football for 4 years, ran track for 2, and Baseball for my first year. I was a jock. But I was also an actor. My best friend in high school, who recently got married, was the "star" of the school plays and had some off broadway stuff to his credit. It was a fun time to hang out with him and get to know other people. plus I really liked being up on the stage and doing something creative.

It was with John that I wrote my first script that was performed to our High School my Junior year. I have been writing on and off for a while and have been trying to concentrate on one project before jumping to another.

Anyway... back to the gay part. Not many people can "tell" that I am gay. My room is a mess, I don't know how to dress myself, I will stop what I am doing and watch a football or baseball game no matter what. I also HATE the gay scene. More on that in future posts. I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know a little about me. I hope to look back at this as something that is an amazing experience. Feel free to say hi as I get this thing started!


  1. Hey there! I came over from ClubHouseCloset and just wanted to say hello. Looking forward to reading more!

    I did the WDW CP too, Spring Advantage 03! And Im in the city too... So who knows, maybe we can chat one day!


  2. Hey, I chatted with you yesterday via aol...but another name :) If you're crazy about myspace maybe you can give me some pointers b/c I think it is sort of retarded...but maybe I'm the one who is instead. I think I just don't follow how it all works.

  3. dude i know what you mean by hating the gay scene. i hate it myself too. read your first post. love it. will read more man.
    - a popular dudes secret life